The 2 Weeks Challenge #Day2

Today was one of a kind. I woke up by 5:30 alright, but had to go pray with my fellowship members by 6. We prayed till like to 7. So the prayer part all taken care of.
Now unto the Word.
OHD talked about ‘Freedom’. ‘And ye shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free’. Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life. ‘…Ye shall know the truth…’. Therefore Jesus is the truth. In other words if you know Jesus, he’ll set you free.
Hope you understood that.
Knowing Jesus doesn’t just mean accepting His salvation. Knowing Jesus is our continuous walk with Him in our daily life, Him revealing Himself to us anew everyday.
And the ‘freedom’, Jesus promises, once you know Him, is freedom from all. All here meaning stress, disappointment, sickness, sexual impurity et al.
You want to be free? Know Jesus.
Pastor T in 125DOF talked about how when you feel overwhelmed with life and its challenges all you need to do is entreat God’s favour as the psalmist did.
God is waiting to bless you if you only ask. You were not born for the ordinary. You are special, very special. So entreat God today, He won’t fail you.
Next up, Psalm of protection -psalm 91 and confessions.
Oh and I heard Joan Rivers was taken off the life support machine. E!’s Fashion Police will not remain the same. She died at 81.
You are still young, how fulfilled are you/ planning to be? Remember life without Christ is nothing.
Have a splendid day. 🙂 :*

*OHD – Open Heavens Devotional
*125DOF – 125 Days Of Favour.


The 2 Weeks Challenge #Day1

I’m here!!! Can’t believe it. I’ve finally opened a blog. Okay this will be my place of randoms, my thoughts on stuff and all. Back to the title.

Yesterday, I overhead the convo of 2 people and they were talking about the 2 weeks challenge and I asked what’s it about? I’m in. The 2 weeks challenge is about praying in the spirit for 30 mins, studying the word for 30 mins and sharing with someone what you’ve learnt / read for that day. I was like I can do this until I came to the sharing with someone. Who am I going to talk to? Well I have you now…

To start up, after praying, I read the Open Heavens Devotional by Pastor E. A Adeboye. (The importance of having a devotional, a good one cannot be overemphasized). Today’s topic was about being an encourager. Encourage others especially your leaders. There are seasons of highs and lows in the ministry so your encouragement is welcome when offered. Encouragement not only by word of mouth but also in sacrificial giving(sowing of seeds),giving of your time and service, helping out when needed. Oh and it isn’t just to encourage leaders alone. Leaders are also to encourage their disciples/ followers too. It’s essential.

Next up I read 125 Days of Favour by Pastor Taiwo Odukoya. ‘ He that finds a wife, findeth a good thing and obtains favour from the Lord.’ She that finds a husband finds a good thing and obtains favour from the Lord(mine). In getting a spouse, there’s a level of favour attached to it. Lol. Get a spouse and you’re automatically favoured. Double blessings right?
So if you’re married begin to ask God to activate that favour attached to marriage. If you aren’t married like me, :D, begin to speak that favour into your marriage.


Checked the time and found out I had 2 minutes left. I DID IT! I’m so happy.
Said my psalm of protection I.e psalm 91 and made my confessions. It’s highly necessary to speak into your day more

and your future.

One day down, 13 more to go.