#ShugaSays : Textationship

Hi people! Long time! Well there were some dire situations and that’s the reason why there was a break in transmission. I’m back. Not promising anything, but I love writing, I love my blog so I’ll make an effort to post regularly. Still not promising.
Today I’m talking about “Textationship”.


Many of us are or have one time been in this kind of ‘relationship’. This is when I say social media has become a necessary evil. Really?! We meet on Twitter, follow each other, take it to the DMs, BlackBerry pins follow, we move to Bbm. After chatting continuously for like two weeks, we assume dating or in some cases sef we are ‘asked out’. The relationship starts and ends on bbm. You guys don’t get to see at all. Just sending pictures. Thanks be to Photoshop.
Then, there’s the relationship were we are asked out normally but we get lazy. Why? We have all the instant messaging apps where we could always chat and check in with each other. I’m not denying that there should be no use of instant messaging in a relationship, it is absolutely necessary but let’s #BringBackTheDates.
Just going out and having fun, actually talking and having conversations face to face. Nothing can be compared to that. So let’s #BringBackTheDates.
I’m done ranting. Hope I made some sense. See ya.  😚😚😚😘😘😘😘


The 2 Weeks Challenge #Day8

Good day!!!!
OHD is all about organised noise. May the praises we sing to God not be classified as ‘organised noise’. When in doubt on what to sing or how to sing, just make a joyful noise to the Lord. Spend quality time today praising and worshiping God.


125DOF says you shouldn’t allow pride to creep in. The right attitude when built should be sustained. Resist the temptation to lean on your own understanding. Remember Proverbs 3:5-6 trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding, but in all your ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct your path.
No matter how much you think you have attained or how far behind you think you are, always remain humble!
Keep calm and Remain humble!! 😀

Today’s post is really short. :). How’s your day going?


The 2 Weeks Challenge #Day7

It’s been one week already. Yaaaayyy!!!! One week down, one week to go. The Lord is my strength.
There are so many different things I learnt from today’s OHD.
When someone annoys you or you think you’ve been unjustly wronged, give it to the All Righteous Judge, who doesn’t just judge actions but motives too.


Also do not allow God to go neutral on your case, if He does defeat is assured. Do not be proud because He will leave you to see how far your pride will take you. Always be on God’s side.
125DOF talks about how the change of attitude, putting off the old garment, doesn’t just come at once. It is a gradual process. Do not feel bad if you still fall atimes. Stand up and get back on track. You’ve been created for more. You have the fruits of the Spirit living in you.
You build the good attitude one day at a time even as you allow the spirit of Christ flow through you .
Now the quotes:
– Find your work, your worth and finally your woman.
– Don’t look for who to marry, look for who marries your vision.
– Having just chemistry alone in a relationship is not enough.
– If you cannot wow me with your brains, you cannot woo me with your beauty.

Time to go
Kisses. :**

The 2 Weeks Challenge #Day6

Hiii!!! :). How’s your day going?
OHD talks about how no meeting with a person is a coincidence. You meet different people everyday all working together with the goal of helping you actualise your purpose in life. The people you meet everyday is just God at work in the affairs of your life. It’s also God working together for your good because you love Him.


125DOF talks about changing your garment. Putting off the negative attitude and donning the attitude of Christ. This is in line with Eph4:22-24 which tells us to put on the new man which was created, according to God, in true righteousness and holiness.
Romans 13:14 tells us to put on the Lord Jesus Christ and make no provision for the flesh to fulfil its lust. Put off those attitudes that embarrass you and put on the attitude of Christ.
How do you put off the old garment? By renewal of the mind. Change your mindset. ‘…if any man be in Christ, he’s a new creature…’.


Change your mindset!!

Kisses. :** 🙂

The 2 Weeks Challenge #Day5

Good day, how are you?
Today OHD talks about success. God did not create you to be a failure. Yes you might have failed once, twice or more, but without that experience what will your testimony be. God is more than overjoyed when we succeed and are doing well in life. Joshua 1:7-9 tells us to be strong and courageous. Do not turn away from God’s word. Read, Study and do what’s in it.
God has destined us for success but we have to be diligent. We can’t expect Him to take us to the stream, and also fetch the water for us. Hard work doesn’t kill.


This just came to mind: sometimes things going wrong may not be because one winchi winchi somewhere finds your life interesting or because of your past, it might just be so that ‘ the works of God should be revealed in us’ (John 9:1-3).

125DOF talks about redefining your situation. To perceive reality not as the world sees it but perceiving it according to the Word. It is looking at the brighter picture from a God angle. :). Let the word of God remain your primary focus.


Today is gonna be a blessed day.
Walk in a new mindset.
Busy day ahead. -_-.


The 2 Weeks Challenge #Day4

‘When I think upon your goodness and your faithfulness each day, I’m convinced that it’s not because I’m worthy to receive the kind of love that you give but I’m grateful for your mercies…’ *singing*
This was the song that literally came to mind when I read OHD’s Bible text for today. Isaiah 45:1-3. You should read it too.


To live a blessed life, you’ve gast to have the ‘Blessor’ in your life. (You’re the ‘blessee). He has to be an everyday part of your life. You have to work in the mind of Christ. Be humble, remember grace is given to the humble.
In 125DOF, Eph5:15-16(Amplified), look carefully then how you walk! Live purposefully and worthly and accurately, not as the unwise and witless, but as wise( sensible and intelligent) people. Making the very most of the time( buying up each opportunity) because the days are evil.
In other words, do not allow a negative attitude keep you in your position. Have the right attitude and seize opportunities.


Walk in the understanding that there are opportunities around you that need maximization.
I love you but Jesus loves you more.
Praise evening with Pastor Jedafe of Breath Of Life Ministry was on point.

Papii J.

Drumming on point. Praise on point. :)))
How was your day?

The 2 Weeks Challenge #Day3

Had an early mental drill by 6am till 8am, so there was a shift in routine. But quiet time has gast to happen. Opportunity presented itself on that hot, sunny Saturday afternoon. :D.
Read my OHD, which in more ways than one instructed we should seek God’s kingdom first. Do not chase after the wrong kingdom. Seek Him first and every other thing( in His will) shall be added.
From the text, John 6:11-15, it tells us not to allow pride enter our walk with God. Do not dwell on earthly praise or reward.
In 125DOF, it tells us that we shouldn’t allow our circumstances determine your attitude.

I couldnt have put it better. :))

Your attidude is as a result of what you are thinking or feeling. Think on things that are good and pure so your attitude comes out right.

Yesterday I went for a program at the Main Auditorium of Unilag ( yeah I’m a Unilag student) – The 7-star graduate organized by http://www.levels.com.ng. It was wonderful. The speakers were Detoun Ogwo, Bankole Williams, Olakunle Soriyan, Obinna A(MD of StanbicIBTC). Lemme drop some tidbits.
1. Read to understand not just to pass the exam. (Most students are guilty of this)
2. Don’t spend all your time on your container(body). Work on your content (mind).
3. The strength of a material is in its universal appeal. (Work with the mindset of being globally accepted).
4. Work on your employability skills. These days a Bsc degree is not enough.
5. Are you thinking 5star or 7star?
6. What is the picture of your future?
7. Make a positive impact.


I really really enjoyed myself. And I laughed. Akpororo was there. Really funny guy.
Hope your day is going fine.

Kisses :**