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#PicsorItDidntHappen Era

I just read that phrase somewhere and it resonated with something my friends and I have an issue on. My taking pictures at an event….. I have to be in the mood to take pictures. My social energy bar has to be on the highest with a fully charged power bank by the side. 

You see, there are some people that take pictures at every single, small, big, tiny event they go to.  I get that pictures need to be taken for memories blah blah but not at the expense of you not living in the moment. 
You really don’t need those pictures to prove that you were at the event or you were looking fleeky.

Check out your picture /social media posting motive if it isn’t for the right ones, drop your phone and enjoy the moment! 
Take one or two selfies for the culture but you don’t have to make a video of the artiste performing at that concert you are at. 

I hope you understand what I’m trying to say. Take pictures or post on social media but know when you are going overboard. Learn to enjoy the moment. 
P. S I’m writing this while frying pancakes. 😉 create the image in your head. 
I know it’s been a while I was here. 
ASUU is on strike. *rolls eye*
Happy New Month Sweetdarlings 


F for Father

Whoop! Whoop!

It’s that time of the year again, where men are celebrated for their great acts of fatherhood, where some women feel slighted and wish themselves a Happy Fathers’ Day too or like one of  ‘awa’ celebrities did recently, dress up like the father gan. 

It’s that time of the year where I remember that there are children that haven’t grown up with fathers, dead or just missing-in-action. Hmmm, true..missing in the action of watching your children grow.

So, this year is still that year and it’s still that time of the year.

This year, celebrate that father that you have, your super dad who gives his all to make sure that you have. 

Forgive that father you don’t have or wasn’t there. Believe me , if he knew better or could control it, he wouldn’t have left. So it’s ignorance on his part for not recognizing the treasure he had for a child.

Celebrate the father you’ll be, because you know that you’ll do better.

Pray for the father your children will have. He’ll be aligned with God’s will for your family and he’ll be a real head of the family.

Like literally, pray for your man( that you’ll have), the man you want to become  .

Open your mouth and say something you want to see.

When I think of the responsibilities that the man has to carry on his shoulders, it gives me one more reason to be happy and comfortable in my womanhood. 


And it’s a Happy Fathers’ Day from me to you or your father!

P.S : Shoutout to the women doing both jobs!!!!! Y’all are strong women! And to the men doing both jobs too. 

Reespect, respect, Maximum respect!!
I know it’s been a while I updated. I still love you too. ❤

Few Hours to go

2016 is almost over and it’s been one wonderful year. Thankful for growth and all the beautiful things. Thankful for the ugly and the good too! 

I saw this post and it reflects (no pun intended) my thoughts succinctly. 

Please read and enjoy! 

Reflections. –

Have a good year! 

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When it doesn’t go as planned,
Feeling shortchanged and not in the mood anymore.
All the hype running down the drain,
Useful and purposeful gaining just a little bit of what you expected
Seeing the snaps, hearing the music
You’ve got to remind yourself that Jesus is God and that doesn’t change.
You know that you’ll wait for him, even as you wait on Him, your First Love.
Even if that means #NoSUM, you’ll do the right thing and love truly.
You know you’re that Proverbs 31 kinda girl who doesn’t need weed to make her high even though she serves the most High.
You sit back and try to remain anonymous.
And when you’re feeling all sick and irrelevant, bring out the knives and cut open.
Remove that hateful tumor, that mood swing infection, that jealous disease.
This process – The Excision

Hehe… I get to have my excision after the event. Was eventful. Got to see some of my favorite people. 😍


When God uses every experience to teach you.:roll:👍
Wish I bought a teeshirt. 😐
How have y’all been?

Straightening the Motives

So I was talking to this particular person about football and all. And he asked, ‘what interests you in football’. Truth be told, I don’t know. Can’t give an answer. Still thinking on what keeps me interested in football.
At a point in my life, it was just 22 boys running after a ball. Lol. Now, it’s fun, conversation topic, heartbreaking, breath holding moments. (Yes, I hold my breath for most of the time I watch football 😩😩😶)
Why do you eat?
Why do you have a bath?
Why do you laugh at his ‘not so funny’ jokes?
Why do you still text him/her till late at night?
Why do you want a significant other?
Why is he/she still your friend?
Why are you in school?
Why do you feel that you’re in a competition with your friends?
Why aren’t you talking to your parents?
Why do you criticize others with reckless abandon?
Why do you feel you should be married now?
Why are you still friends with her/him?
Why do you feel the need to make her/him jealous?
Why did you wear that cloth?
Why do you give?
Why don’t you give?
Why do you love?
Why don’t you love?
Why don’t you trust?
Why do you trust?
Why do you get disturbed easily?
Why do you worry?
Why are you still in that unhappy relationship /marriage?
Why don’t you believe that you have a Helper?
Why are you still living by the law?
Why don’t you want to accept His grace? It’s free yuno…

Just some random questions swimming around in my head. Most of the time now, I try to get my motives straight(emphasis on most of the time).
Why am I doing this thing? Is it right? Do I need to be doing it? Will it bring glory to God?
That kain thing.
Why do you do the things you do?
Start asking questions. 😉