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Happy 2018!

Happy New Year mi dearies!

It’s 2018, baby!

Time to start work on those resolutions/goals/mission/vision/objectives/thingys/whatever fancy name you want to call it. If you are like me, then you wrote them out before the 1st of January (Don’t worry if you wrote it out on the 31st of December, it’s written and basically one of the steps that matter).

So in this post, I’ll be sharing some of my ‘thingys’ for the year.

Thingy 1: Focus less on yourself and your needs and problems. You see, I’ve learnt this the hard way over the past few months. Do NOT focus solely on what you need or want, forgetting that there are more important things. Learn to focus on what is really and truly important and remember that only one thing is necessary! .

Thingy 2: Volunteer. This is a very useful skill. Volunteering your time to help others, learn new skills, meet new people, and go to different places. The rewards for volunteering are endless. Look for that small business, big business, medium business and offer your services.

Thingy 3: Learn to be grateful for what you have and not just because some preacher is psyching you with ‘some people don’t have legs but you do’. You should be grateful you have legs (if you do) because you have legs and not because your neighbor doesn’t.

Thingy 4: Spend more time with God. Like, over the past few months, I have known what it feels like for your Word tank or Prayer tank to be low. Make your time with God a priority this year! Have fun dates together. Trust me; God wants to spend time with you. Give him some time.

Thingy 5: Enjoy your year! Above all, enjoy your year. Do right by God and man. Always remember that Jesus loves you and that everything that happens to you He knows and cares.

And there are my 5 ‘thingys’ for the year. I think “Dear Joshua” summarizes my ‘thingys’. Share your ‘thingy’ with me.

Thank you Jesus for your grace this year that is ever abundant! And now it’s time to go through another birthing experience for 2018.

Welcome to this New Year! Have fun! And share your ‘thingy’ with me too.



❤ Musings ❤

Reach out to her crevices

Draw out her soul and love it

Don’t let it go

She still needs your attention

Curled up in her shell

Bursting Loose with her feelings

Hoping they find a canvass to express themselves

Don’t let her go just yet

Shy in all of her beauty

Probing in all inquisitions

Shoot at the heart and don’t let it go

Remind her that you can love because you’ve been loved first

Testing the limits to which it can stretch

Testing the waters if it’s deep or shallow

Testing the meal if it’s tasty

Don’t let her go just yet

So I wrote the above sometime this year when I was still catching trips for one person laidat. I think I put it in a post here

And it finds completion now.

I love you, sweetheart.

You are Mine. I have called you by name.

Yes My love, I do know your name. You are not alone.

Do not fear.

I am going to reach into those deep uncharted waters,

Yes your spirit and Mine will be One.

I am never letting you go.

Again, I remind you : I love you, never stopped ,never will.

You have my attention, My dear one.

You are the apple of My eye.

Burst loose, My darling. You were made for more.

You are made for Exploits. You are made for the Supernatural.

Now you can love because you have been loved first.

The everlasting love.

My darling, I won’t let you go just yet.

This is a Public Service Announcement to you out there:

Jesus loves you!

God loves you!

Jesus is God!

God is Love!❤❤❤