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Issa New Year!

Hey guysss

Issa New Year.

Here are a few things I’ve decided to step up my game on this year. Should I call them resolutions? Nah.

1. My words
Like we hear it everytime… But really. For instance there’s this cinema opening up opposite the street of my house and the slang that has been coming to my head has been “ah, this is where my money will finish” and another part of me begins to think “Really, Sarah your money will finish in the cinema? All the money you plan on making in 2019 you’ll spend it all here?”
And anytime I see the building of the mall, I’ve been training my mind to say “my money will not finish here oo, I’ll enjoy watching movies and I’ll be judicious in the use of my money”
Lol.. It seems really small and inconsequential but I’m choosing to be intentional with my words this year.

2. Be extremely thankful. Today I heard that thanksgiving is PDA to the person that has shown you goodness. Be thankful to humans around you but most of all be thankful to God always! Why? He is always good! Always always good.
So in 2019, be a person of gratitude.

3. Discipline
Some times I pride myself as being disciplined but deep down Sarah knows that Sarah isn’t as disciplined as she makes people believe. This discipline will be in form of time spent on my phone doing irrelevant things and what I do when I wake up.
Lol. I think I should change the title of this sub topic to ‘Time Management’.
So this year I’m choosing to be disciplined on how I manage my time.

This is a summarized version of how I want my year to look like?
Please share yours.

P. S : I think January as a month gets lost in the whole “Happy New Year” brouhaha so here’s to January 🥂🥂

Welcome to the bestest month in the year! 😘


Happy 2018!

Happy New Year mi dearies!

It’s 2018, baby!

Time to start work on those resolutions/goals/mission/vision/objectives/thingys/whatever fancy name you want to call it. If you are like me, then you wrote them out before the 1st of January (Don’t worry if you wrote it out on the 31st of December, it’s written and basically one of the steps that matter).

So in this post, I’ll be sharing some of my ‘thingys’ for the year.

Thingy 1: Focus less on yourself and your needs and problems. You see, I’ve learnt this the hard way over the past few months. Do NOT focus solely on what you need or want, forgetting that there are more important things. Learn to focus on what is really and truly important and remember that only one thing is necessary! .

Thingy 2: Volunteer. This is a very useful skill. Volunteering your time to help others, learn new skills, meet new people, and go to different places. The rewards for volunteering are endless. Look for that small business, big business, medium business and offer your services.

Thingy 3: Learn to be grateful for what you have and not just because some preacher is psyching you with ‘some people don’t have legs but you do’. You should be grateful you have legs (if you do) because you have legs and not because your neighbor doesn’t.

Thingy 4: Spend more time with God. Like, over the past few months, I have known what it feels like for your Word tank or Prayer tank to be low. Make your time with God a priority this year! Have fun dates together. Trust me; God wants to spend time with you. Give him some time.

Thingy 5: Enjoy your year! Above all, enjoy your year. Do right by God and man. Always remember that Jesus loves you and that everything that happens to you He knows and cares.

And there are my 5 ‘thingys’ for the year. I think “Dear Joshua” summarizes my ‘thingys’. Share your ‘thingy’ with me.

Thank you Jesus for your grace this year that is ever abundant! And now it’s time to go through another birthing experience for 2018.

Welcome to this New Year! Have fun! And share your ‘thingy’ with me too.


#Transformation Thursday


#LongPostAlert or not so long…


We are still in January so it’s not late to still say it. So once again, Happy New Year! Hope the year is going fine.

Instead of a Throwback Thursday today, welcome to a Transformation Thursday. I’ll be featuring someone very close to my heart, an extremely good and close friend with a wonderful heart. The words in italics are mine. Meet Taiwo O. Enjoy her story in her own words.

My Makeover related Testimony

“I had an encounter with God (which started in makeover 2014)*that’s around the same time we met too* and got born again about 30 months ago. When I made the decision, I totally forgot about my folks who are kinda devout Muslims. I told them about my new lifestyle (Christianity)… My mum said it was impossible to practice such while I’m at home. My dad on the other hand threatened to disown me and he gave me 3 months to think about the whole thing as he believed I was still in the confusion stage and could still change my mind.

Through these months, I only went to church while school was in session. During the holidays, I went nowhere.

I finished from school last year October and then I began to ask God if that was going to be the end of my church going/gathering with the brethren, because it definitely couldn’t be the end of my Christian life.

I trusted that God who called me out of darkness and started a good work in me was faithful! I prayed that God would turn the heart of my father to please me.

First Sunday in November, I summoned the courage to ask my dad if I could go to church, he shunned me and literally sent me away.

The next Sunday, I went to ask again and he said “ok bye bye” (I didn’t even think it was going to be that easy).

He allowed me go to church subsequent Sundays. This Sunday, he said we needed to discuss this church going thingy… scared as I was, I met him yesterday, he asked a few questions and in the end he gave me his blessings… He said “whatever religion you’ve chosen… God guide you, bless you and strengthen you!” *Halleluyah!*

The same person who threatened to disown me a few months ago.

This can only be God!

He is indeed a good God!


P.S: I trust God for the salvation of my folks… My mum and dad who pray five times daily also read the bible EVERY morning!

Yesterday, my dad even said “if you invite me to your church I’ll come but that doesn’t stop me from being a Muslim”

I smell salvation.

– Taiwo O. ”

I smell it too, my darling. Having a relationship with Jesus Christ is just the bestest! Think about it if you are not already in one. #JesusTransforms

Bestest Decision
Taiwo and I at Makeover 2015 and 2016

This is just awesome! God, who started this good work, is surely able to bring it to completion.

On my Instagram page (_misssara_), I started this series #21Verses, sharing verses over the past years that have helped me and kept me strong. *thinking* I’m meant to do like #365Verses or something. Lol. #11daystogo.


West African Faith Believers Convention (#WAFBEC) is coming up from Jan27th to Feb 4th. Hosted by Pastor ‘Poju Oyemade. Venue is The Covenant Place, Covenant Christian Centre, Iganmu.

Heather Lindsey is coming to Nigeria! Guiding Light Assembly, Parkview Ikoyi. Feb 4th and 5th.

My final year project is going fine, Thank God. My supervisor is one of the bestest in town. #NotLucky #Favoured.

I’ve used a lot of hashtags in one post. Or it seems like it. Thank you for reading to the end. * Big grin *

It’s not about you! 

​Yup! Your existence is not just about you. If you refuse to work on yourself and strive to be a better person, you put a whole lot of others at a disadvantage. 

When you continue to hold on to that past hurt, you refuse to be of help others. 

Yes,it happened years ago, it happened last week, over the weekend, whenever. Stop holding on to the hurt. 

You don’t have a right to tell me that!you don’t know what I passed through! 

Yes, I truly don’t have the right to tell you that I know how you feel or know what you’ve passed through. I’ve had my own fair share of hurt too,but I can encourage you that you can rise above the hurt. 
Let us give thanks to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the merciful Father, the God from whom all help comes! He helps us in all our troubles, so that we are able to help others who have all kinds of troubles, using the same help that we ourselves have received from God.

2 Co 1:3‭-‬4 GNT

See! There’s a God from who all help comes from. And He’s there to help you so that we are able to help others who have all kinds of trouble. And we can only effectively and efficiently help others because we have received such help from God. 
Still feeling hurt? Go to the God from who all help comes from,that you may get comfort and ‘closure’. 
Have your emotions in control and sorted out so you’ll be able to fully maximize those potentials inside of you. 
Remember, you are extremely special! 

This is one Christmas season where it doesn’t feel Christmassy doesn’t mean the Reason for the Season changes.. – Jesus. 

Merry Christmas 😘😘😘


Ever abundant! 

​Grace so amazing. 

A love I don’t deserve. 

Undeserving of the love He so freely gave

Freely giving to all who asks/believes. 

Believes in me and has mighty plans. 

Plans of good and not of evil, to give me a future and hope. 

Christ in me, the hope of glory! 
Oh! How sweet grace is… Even when I fall short, He’s right there beside me helping me back up. 

Thank you Jesus.