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Meaty, Beefy, Snakey

Hey People!

*dusts cobwebs* how are y’all doing? It’s been a while….a long while.

I’ve missed this space. Things are happening in this baby girl’s life though.


I was listening to my roommates talk about the different meats they’ve eaten. Here are some of the different ‘eran’ stories I could garner from the conversation.

Snail Meat: It has prestige. Given to important people at parties. After washing it, it is fried, divided into two and then the ‘ata’(pepper) is put in the middle. It is crispy and at the same time soft. It has its own unique taste. Peppered  snails is bae.


Snake meat : Roasted snake meat at Ado-Ekiti. It’s divided into head, middle and tail and sold that way. It tastes almost like fish. The inside is white. The skin is tough, maybe because it was roasted.


Goat meat aka Ogunfe : The male goat is always very tender. The smell. Ohmigosh. Boil it well and just fisi nu omi obe( add it to stew) to eat with amala. (Hot-hot). And then there’s always the peppered goat-meat (asun) which tastes equally very tantalizing.


Rabbit: This tastes very much like Chicken. I can remember a time I bought food from one of the fast-food restaurants and my grandma tasted the ‘chicken’ and immediately confirmed it to be rabbit.

Then there’s the usual cow meat, assorted, offals, and the ones whose names I know not.

Which other meat have you eaten? Share your ‘eran’ story in the comment section

**Eran – meat

Amala – yam/plantain flour meal

All images from Google.

P.S : I want to go the beach. and eat pizza.

P.S Hopefully by the end of this month, I’ll put up a post on things I’ve learnt in the first quarter of the year.. *fingers crossed*

Random : I smell Indomie Chicken Peppersoup as I edit this. It’s 2:36am.