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1st Quarter

It has been a ride… 

Welcome to the 2nd quarter. 

Here are things I’ve picked up so far…

1. Falling in love with the ‘wrong’ person hurts. Learnt I could be really jealousy and bitter against another person. Learnt to identify the emotion I’m going through at the moment and try to deal with it appropriately(emotional intelligence) … I learnt that hurt hurts. I’m learning to ‘unlike’ again. 

And I’m learning to forgive… 

The only one who can satisfy the heart truly is the One who made it
2. God is forever with me. I might not ‘feel’ it but I’m thankful we don’t walk by our feelings if not it’s straight to the Lagoon. 

My Christian journey is that of faith. This life that I live now, I live by faith through Christ that loves me and gave Himself for me. 
3. It isn’t my works. I’ve been saved already. I should stop unconsciously relying on my works thinking that’s what saved me. 
4. I should rejoice more in the finished works of Christ. 
5. I learnt to give more. To stop holding on to material things. Learning to start doing things out of love. Freely have I received, freely I should give… 
6. I’m learning to be happy being a woman. An unashamed one, one proud of who she is knowing she’s the apple of His eyes. 
7. Resting in my Father’s love. It’s overwhelming and I think atimes(most times), who am I that you are this mindful even to the minute detail. 
I can’t wait for the plans Daddy has for me for this next season. Hopefully, I’ll post more often. ✌✌✌


Happy Birthday 👸

​Happy Birthday to me! 🎉🎉🎉🎉🙌🙌🙌

So I’m a year older today, +1, more years added! 

It’s my birthday! 

For years, I’ve dreaded my birthday. You know, Christmas, New Year and then Boom! It’s Sarah’s birthday. 

Everyone is still trying to settle in from the spendings over the holiday and get accustomed to the new year and its demands. 

Mehn, have I had some really weird birthdays!. We thank the Lord for His faithfulness! 

Well, well, well, this year seemed absolutely different right from the very beginning. 

Started off with #21Verses which made me think on the years gone by (I feel old already). 

So, I’ll put up my gift list /wants list /some needs in there too list /I can make a list cuz it’s my birthday list

1. A Braid wig. I’m tired of sitting down to make hair. 

2. Black and/or nude sandals heels. 

3. Love. I have Love. More love I mean… Sarah, you know you have more love. Hi, please skip this number. 

3. 5.0 GPA 

4. An already done project… It’s tiring and fun researching. 

5. Unlimited Internet 

6. Food. Good food. Snack food. Chewy food. Fun food. Fine food. Food. 

7. Constant light in my hostel. More like a revamp + new personality for my hostel. Live up to your name – Honours Hall. 

8. A new wardrobe. Iznor too much to ask. 

9. My Almighty Formula Hoodie.  I know you’re reading this. 

10. And best of all, more knowledge of the Father. 
Cheers to 21 years of being awezome! 🍷🍷

Cheers to the years ahead! 🍷🍷🍷

Cheers to awezome friends, T & C 😘😘😘


Day 19…

Day 19
Favourite Movie
I watch movies but I don’t remember the titles.🙈 I loved loved War Room! Right now, I want to watch Central Intelligence.


Who wants to go to the cinemas?

Day 20
What makes me happy
What makes me happy? Love 😍
And the best part is Jesus is Love. So everything just flows. 🙌🙌🙌

Day 21
What makes me sad
Seeing people not being treated right. That’s just not right.

Day 22
Worst Habits
My mind wanders too easily. And once it does, I start tapping or rubbing something. 🙈. And then I’m staring at you but really not there with you.
I tend to wait until the last minute to do things atimes.

Day 23
If I won the lottery
Oh my! If I won the lottery.
I’ll redesign my mum’s house.
And then buy a lot of real estate, and then splurge, I don’t get to do that often.
All these is after paying my tithe sha.

Day 24
What attracts me in love
Hmmm… Overtime ‘the list’ has matured and grown. Things have been changed, added, removed and modified.
First of, a brother that loves God. Someone that emits wisdom and doesn’t just have the gifts but the fruit of the Spirit…. That is just 😍.
Errrr… As we go along sha

Day 25
Biggest Regret
None. Every experience is a teacher.

Almost done. 🙌

Day 11 and Some More

Day 11
10 Favorite Foods
Hehe! Food 😍. Yes. It doesn’t show on my body but then I love good food. Win-win situation.
1. Spaghetti 🍝
I love love spaghetti. Like perfectly cooked one, not too soft and mushy just cooked right. Oh my. Spaghetti and sauce, Jollof, anyhow you want to do it. I love.
2. Amala and Ewedu without Gbegiri
Yeah.. Without Gbegiri, never tasted it. Don’t know how it tastes. I would rather stick with the familiar ( 20 facts about me). This won’t be complete without a picture of amala.
But Google isn’t helping matters. 😐
3. Rice
Well well well. If this didn’t make the list.? Rice anyhow, any style we eat it. Saw this on Sisi Yemmie’s blog. Looks good. 😍


4. Pancakes
5. Pizza 🍕… Is this food?
6. Food yaff finish oo

Day 12
Favourite Childhood Book
Nope. No favorites. Purple Hibiscus was a hit, still reread it from time to time.
Our famous Enid Blyton. It was in this old age that I knew how to spell the name.🙈 Famous Five Series. Great Expectations, Robinson Crusoe.
Books that I’ll still reread now sha.

Day 13
What’s inside my fridge?
Yup. There’s been no light for a while now so everything had to come out. So for now it’s clean and waiting for Power Holding or is it Eko Distribution to unhold the power.

Epp me complete the list small. What’s your favorite food?

Day 2 and Some Other Days

Day 2
20 Facts About Me
1. I love love. ❤💙💜

2. I’m a Jesus lover!!! He’s Love.

3. I can be very indecisive. Ah… When I wanted to get a new phone.

4. I’m clingy. And due to knowing I’m clingy, I don’t like to trust people easily until I’m sure…. But most of the time, humans disappoint so I cling to Jesus and myself.

5. I am a jealous somebody…

6. I love surprises kind of. You know those kind of surprises that you think you know about and then the person executes the plan even better? Yeah. Those kinds of surprises.

7. I’m a good seat dancer. Yup, I dance in my seat very well but stand up and show the moves 🙆😥😥.  The worst one is the choreography in my head 🚶

8. I loveeee reading.

9. I don’t think this list will reach 20.

10. I like to put unnecessary pressure on myself.

11. I’m selectively lazy. I could be all empty the dust and dirt from the house this minute to ‘today I just don’t feel like doing anything’

12. I love taking questionnaires and surveys.

13. I love sleeping

14.80% of the time I dont like taking pictures… (this means that on day 18 a picture of myself is 20% sure)

15. I most of the time Google movies before I watch it. Especially when I’m going to the cinema. Can’t be going to waste money on an uninteresting movie + you wee now coman catch me unawares inside the film. No way.

16. I limit my circle of friends to those who ‘have my back’  + those I can have back for. I need people like Hananiah, Mishael and Abednego the way Daniel had them around him.

17. I love the name Aisha so I adopted it.

18. I play too much in my head. I make up too many silly scenarios that may never happen

19. I’m #Unashamed.

20. We did it.

Or we didn’t. Thinking these up was hard. Guess I don’t know myself yet. Am I meant to be sad rn?

Did Day 3 in the first post.
Day 4
My Dream Job
That will be helping people put their money to good use, assigning duties to people, being in charge, being useful, serving, fulfilling purpose. I don’t know the name title to give this job description. Any ideas?

Day 5
Proudest Moment
Can’t place any moment as my proudest. Maybe my academic achievements? Getting into the University.
Wait. When I got my first job. Yeah. I was like a whole me employable? I felt good. 👌

Day 6
What are you afraid of?
I used to be afraid of failing,falling short, not living up to expectations. The thoughts still come atimes but then I know all things are working together for good. Everything’s gonna turn out fine so why worry right?

I’m enjoying doing this. ☺

Day 14 – …

Day 14
3 healthy habits
Healthy habits 😑
1.I don’t smoke?
2. Made oatmeal pancakes today. First-time… Tasted great though.
3. I try as much as possible to eat right.
I need more healthy habits!

Day 15
Where will I be in 5 years time?
I don’t know! Do you know where you’ll be in 5 years time? No you don’t.
Somewhere having fun forshurrr 😎


When I was having one of those ‘over-thinking’ days, a friend sent this. It fits just in here.

Day 16
Thoughts on Education
You learn everyday. And if you’re going to school to learn just what the teacher says, it’s not going to work out. You learn form everybody, anything.
Education is important. And I think everyone, the girl-child inclusive is entitled to one.

Day 17
Favourite Blogs
If I follow you on my WordPress Reader, you are already a Favourite because I get to have you in my personal space and read and digest you. That said, in no particular order, blogs that came off the back of my head.
1. Eziaha’s blog
2. InTheMidstOfHer
3. Adaeze’s blog or rather Chynanu
4. Heather Lindsey
These are just the few I can remember at the moment.

Day 18
A Photograph of Myself
Will save this for the last last last. 🚶

Day 7 and More

Day 7
5 Favorite Songs
This list isn’t permanent. It changes so fast I get scared atimes. So for now, here are my top 5 in no particular order.
1. Love You Pass Falz ft Bez
2. You Made A Way –  Travis Greene
3. Be Lifted High – Micah Stampley
4. You Are Great –  Steve Crown
5. You Suppose Know – Bez

Day 8
5 Current Goals
Current Goals?
1. Finish school with a good grade
2. Know God more. As a friend will say ‘I would rather spend the whole $500million than spend just N20000 out of it’.
3. Work on my relationship with friends and family. Improve it.
4. Looking for a good laptop to buy. Know where I can get one? Or you can gift me. :);)
5. Write more.

Day 9
What’s in my Bag?
Hand Sanitizer, Lotion, Tissue, Pens(I have penss), bunch of keys, Notepad (never tell when you might want to write something), a book( something about being a woman… For when it gets boring 🙈), bits of papers (receipts etc) and my wallet :mrgreen:.

Day 10
Best Trip of My Life
My road trip to Abuja ALONE.! Void of an accompanying family member.

Abuja, 📷 : shugarythots
Abuja 📷: shugarythots

Felt extra independent.
Will like to do it again. This time with close friends in the bus alone. Making noise and having fun all the way to Abuja…. Or round Nigeria sef. Can’t wait to make that happen.