#SaturdayThoughts: Shoot Your Shot

On Saturday morning, I was thinking of my almost non-existent romantic life and I had this thought, “can it be that Ruth shot her shot?”

So who was Ruth?
Ruth was a young lady married to Naomi’s son. She was of a different tribe though. Her husband died. Well, Naomi’s husband and her children died too. Having suffered all these losses, Naomi wanted to go back to her state. Ruth said she wasn’t leaving her alone. So they went back together.
There was a guy in that state, a rich, ‘all boxes checked’ guy who had a lot of real estate and investments. He was into agriculture too. Ruth happened to be looking for a job and stumbled on one of his farms and started working there.
His name was Boaz. Boaz was a relative to Naomi in some way.
Ruth continued working on his farm.
One day, on the instructions of Naomi, Ruth went to meet Boaz at the threshing floor in the night. She put on perfume and dressed in her nice clothes and went to sleep at his feet.
He felt someone at his feet, found her and they talked.
Next morning, Boaz didn’t rest until he had settled everything to make her his wife.

So did Ruth shoot her shot? Can that be considered shooting of shot?

Shooting of shot, as a lady, is actually showing interest in a guy using actions or verbally telling him.

Is there a right time to shoot a shot as a lady?

As a guy, do you believe ladies should also shoot shots, since y’all are with the guns most of the time?

Why do you think ladies don’t shoot shot?

Reply in the comment section, let’s have a conversation. ☕

Enjoy your weekend!

P. S : There’s a lot of the use of the phrase ‘shoot shot’ in this text. It took an awful lot of reading to make sure it isn’t ‘shoot shit’ that I wrote. That means a whole another thing.

P. S. S: Want to read more on Ruth in a novel form? I suggest Francine Rivers book on Ruth in her Unashamed Series.

P. S. S. S :There will most likely be an update to this post with my findings on this subject…. And if I did shoot a shot…


8 thoughts on “#SaturdayThoughts: Shoot Your Shot

  1. Yes o, every gender has the right to shots shooting… I mean, we “sabi” good things too na😀…
    Now to the “when’s the right time question”, my dear, once you see the ONE (like the guy who ticks the IMPORTANT boxes, we’re not talking some, he was be “white caramel gold” in complexion o… There are some boxes that are a priority, very important… Eehhhhn) and you’ve spoken to your FATHER (the maker of all good and perfect gifts) about one of His Beautiful Creatures that you want to settle with and He gives you the permission, saying “My beloved child in whom I’m well pleased, shoot thy shot”…
    Oh, my dear sister, waste not thou time, go ahead with the full armor of thy Father and shoot thy shot.
    Be a Ruth Today

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  2. I don’t know but if I really like the guy… I don’t know but you can advice us.. Should we shoot our Shots? And gist is if you did too.

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