So today is the International Day of the Girl Child.

And a friend sent this to me and I think it is a beautiful piece.

So with his permission(of course), Enjoy.


Nle Arabinrin,
Before I begin, did I tell you that you’re the best of Eledua’s creation. You’re spark, fire, and flame itself. Olodumare was well to create you with man, He knew how much men would need you.

Awelewa, Aponbepore,
The world starts from you, don’t let them tell you it’s a man’s world and women must submit to the men. Listen to me, it’s your world too because one day when you decide to, you’d bring forth life. Life itself is the essence of this world. You’re wonderfully made by God to conquer the earth and subdue it and not to be conquered and subdued by any man. You’re a ruler of your own, the power of your Kingdom. They would come and tell you, “this is where a woman should stop, further is for men”, don’t listen to them at all, they’re sheer illiterates. They’d tell you as you move on that it’s not good for a woman to be in power. Tell them that you’re a direct descent of Queen Amina, a fellow of the Queen Elizabeth, the throne is your birthright.

Omo Olola,
No woman’s usefulness is centered in marriage and neither is marriage your height of aspirations or accomplishments. You were born single from a woman’s womb, you didn’t come to this world holding a wedding band or a future husband’s tag. Marriage is sweet. Yes, it is, when it’s at your own time and with someone you love and are sure about. Don’t go about thinking beauty is all that is. Yes, it’s good that you’re beautiful, but Omo mi, be of essence and substance. A good face will wrinkle, a good act will not. You don’t need to fight for any man’s love, to have you is to possess a worthy treasure. You’re smart, get what you want while you still have the time.

It’s sad that that animal tried to hurt you. It’s sad that that trash molested you and he got away with it. Pele, my dear. I don’t know your pain, but I know it hurts so bad. But laye, I won’t watch you allow him to win over you. No way! He’s gone. He’s escaped, his evil will get him soon. He thought you were weak and without support, he was wrong. You’re strong and I’m here to support you. You’d carry on and fight for girls who have gone through worse and have no one. You’d defend them and fight the evil men. You’d give justice. When they see you, they see strength, they see fire, they see power. They see who you are and the passion you have. They’d respect you as you ought to have been respected from the beginning.

My loves, stay strong, stay powerful, stay female.
Akin-Ajala Livingston(e)



P.S: Is there International Day of the Boy Child?


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