Green blood = Bad blood?

I met someone!
We went on a ride.
During this ride, we happened to have a conversation.
He told me of how he represented Nigeria in sports when he was younger.
Of how he did it out of love for the country and not the money.
He came back and trained to be a mobile policeman.
He told the story of how he trained under renowned and reputable officers back in the day.
He is now a keke driver.
He still spoke with a lot of pride for his country.
I was sad.
Sad for how his country has failed him.
Sad on how there’s no database to show great people that have served her.
Sad that he’ll be ‘one of those people’ that represented Nigeria.

As Independence Day draws near, I ask myself why I should still believe in this country.
On why I still get appalled when the Series ‘Nigeria’ reels out episodes day by day.
On why I still believe there could be a change.

Right now, I really have no answers.
I just know there’s this innate belief that things will be better. Things will change.
We aren’t going to have to wait till the end of the tunnel to see the light. The tunnel itself is being lighted up.
Maybe my blood is green.
I am Nigerian.

Remember, my post for when Nigeria was 56?
I was frustrated with Internet network. Check it out here.


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