Dear Neighbour

Dear Neighbour,

How do you do?

It has been a while since you moved in.

Do you know you have neighbours?

Do you smell my mother’s stew on Sunday or the Afang soup on Wednesdays?
Do you smell the onion in the hot oil and then plantain frying? You cannot mistake that smell.
Do you smell the party jollof rice, the garlic, the ginger, the atarodo, the burning, the mixture of all the spices coming together?

Do you see us peeping from the windows when there is a fight on the street?
When you stand at your window, do you see us running in our play clothes in our compound?
Do you wonder why my brother is running around naked and chasing us for his clothes?
Do you see us come out to dance when it starts to rain?
Do you laugh at our attempt to trim the flowers and clean our compound?

Do you hear my dad shouting at me to wash the car?
Do you hear my mum telling us not to eat if we won’t wash our plates immediately after eating?
Do you hear our fights when we play board games?

Do we entertain you?

We smell the bleached palm oil and cough every Sunday evening.

We hear shouting and pounding through the wall and wonder what happens behind the closed door.

We see you tell your children not to play with us.

We sense you hoping we will throw your football over so you do not have to come over.

When we see each other outside of our walls, don’t you think we need to smile at each other?

After all, we are neighbours.

Here is to all the good neighbours out there!
May we know them, may we be them.

Can you recall all the neighbours you’ve ever had?

Have you been a horrible neighbour? Change ya ways!

How is choosing to be intentional about this month going? Remember my post here about being super intentional about your time this month!

Stay safe, stay warm. ☕☕☕


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