The Contractor

There’s a knock on the door. I go to the door to find out who it is.

He says his name is Jay. He’s into all kinds of business- plumbing, carpenting, masonry, electrical works, he’s even into interior designing too. He’s going from house to house in search of work.
As usual, all these telemarketers and promoters who continually disturb you with their products and services.

Oh well, I have a leaking roof and I need to change the wallpaper in the bathroom, I need to do a spring cleaning in the whole house. He might just come in handy.
I let him into the living room and offer him a cold drink.
I better go on with my fixing up the house. I take the ladder upstairs and start pulling down the old wallpaper.
I need a drink after a few hours.

Ohmigosh, the man is still there. I better ask him and understand what exactly he does.
After a through explanation of the plenty sides of house building and maintenance that he’s into, I remember I left the tap on upstairs. I get up and continue to redo my house into that beauty I’ve imagined.

This is exactly what some of us do/have done. The Contractor is sitting right at home in the living room and we are going about doing the work around the house. We know he’s more than qualified to redo the house but really can we trust a stranger with such an important task?
We go in, offer him a glass of water, chitchat a lil bit and then go back to trying to do all the work by ourselves.

I’m reminded of a post I wrote Only one thing is necessary
Stop getting preoccupied with the renovations and give it to someone who is capable and will finish up the house in just the right amount of time.

It’s been raining this last few days.

Stay warm, sweeties. ☕☕☕


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