“Hey babes, wassup? How you dey? You fit boost me abeg? I need like 5k. I go pay you next week”

“you be my person na… 5k ba? You go pay next week shey? Send account number”

“I don get alert ( God win).. Thank you very much”

Next week is here. Two weeks gone. No message from you. Nothing, Nada.

I had this post in pidgin in my head and putting pen to paper, English is being written. Oh well, #pidginDay is coming.

I don’t know if it’s just me but I feel when you owe someone and the deadline for payment comes, it won’t hurt to acknowledge the day and then ‘post’ the person.

“Babes, how far? How you dey? How things dey? I know say time don reach for me to pay back but things still tough for my end. I dey sorry, I go pay you”

Something like this won’t hurt. Or so I think.

Please stop making me ask the Holy Spirit how I should ask you for my money. “Is this a good time to ask Lord?”, “How do I ask Lord?”, “Hope this isn’t harsh oo, is it?”

Am I taking it too serious or it’s just common courtesy?

What are your thoughts on asking people back for the money they owe you?
Are you guilty of not ‘talking’ to the person you owe money? Is there a reason you do it?

Do you still have any of the old notes?

P. S: This is me thinking out loud and wanting to know how I can improve my relationship with humans. It isn’t directed at anybody.

And we’ve been live for four years!!! 🍷💃🍷💃🍷💃🍷


10 thoughts on “IOU, IOU NOT…

  1. ☺Looool

    The spiritual innuendos cracked me up

    It’s a thing o detest and never do.

    In fact, if I borrow you money and you don’t even mention it at the deadline you your self fixed, the probability that I will never borrow you money again, (given that i have recovered the initial debt of course), is 1.
    And that is no matter how dire you are in need of it.

    Call it what you like, it’s my own litmus test for credit worthiness.


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