What are you angry about today? Pt 1

At first, I had this titled as things I want to change but I can’t possibly change everything. I’ll need YOUR help. So, these are a list of things I am angry about. More like Twitter’s “Why y’all mad today?”. I would like to know what YOU are angry about, please leave a comment down below and I’ll compile it into a part 2 or/and a part 3. I’ll start and you will follow:

1. Long waiting time at job interviews. The wait takes your mind to a whole new level. Dear company, you gave me an appointment time for 10am. I am there by 10. Please don’t keep me waiting for another 30-45 minutes that I start to notice everything and everyone and start wondering about strange things like if your building collapsed or if I want to poo once I’m in the interview room.

2. Bridging the gap between theories taught in school and practical, on the job training. I happened to be in an interview setting and the interviewer asked what a term was and the guy gave out the textbook definition and the interviewer continued asking him to explain. At that moment what was needed was a ‘normal’, go-to definition and not what you had to cram to pass Prof’s exam.

3. Women hating on women. I can’t believe this still happens in 2018 and it is sad. For goodness sake, why would you as a woman be happy putting down another human? We should be supporting one another and not willfully tearing ourselves down. Let’s be better humans please.

4. Women always thinking their partner will cheat on them. Women believing the narrative that all men cheat and are dogs or in more recent times ‘menascum’. This isn’t true. There is still good stock out there. Why do some women in relationships feel the need to suspect that the man will cheat on them? I want the mentality that the woman suspects her man of always cheating, to change. Wait, how does that mentality even change?

5. Love being equated with sex. For goodness sake, a show is called ‘Love Lounge’ and the catch phrase is “let’s talk about sex”. How??? Why???
Yeah, when you love someone and you are married (I’m still for No Sex until Marriage), sex is and should be a part of the equation. (Like if it’s not there, watchu guys doing?)…
But does good sex mean love, does love mean good sex?
I don’t equate love with sex.

6. Wedding guest doesn’t equal vanity. Women, Men, being a wedding guest doesn’t mean you should be vain. Yeah, you are to look good and all, but don’t go overboard and spend all your money to buy that asoebi and the accessories to go with. You hire a makeup artiste, someone to tie your gele, Tailor that can sew Ebuka’s style, Uber/Taxify money nko? My darling, please do not kill you with expenses just to show off. Lol…at the end of the day I guess it all depends on why you are going for the wedding? To celebrate with the couple or to show your followers and friends what an awesome dress you have on, or how good the dance party is. This brings me to my next point…
7. Going for events and spending the whole time recording it (this includes Instagram live/stories, Facebook live/ stories, Snapchat and whatever other thing people do). For goodness sake, why did you go to the event? Are you really at the event to enjoy the event? Or are you there to sign attendance online? This is also related to being on your phone the entire time you at an event. This, I am guilty of (covers face). Please and please lerrus change our ways…

This is just part 1 of things I’ve noticed that get me riled up.

It’s been a really really long time. Happy 2nd Quarter of 2018. How has your 2018 been?

Please drop what gets you riled up in the comments section.


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