Friend or Fiend?


Friends oh friends! Necessary evils?

Who is a friend? Who is your friend? I have this weird thingy that I don’t just call people my friend. I believe you have to earn the right to be my friend. (Am I the only one?). And there have been quite a number of ‘earners’.

Listening to Medicine by Timi Dakolo and it’s producing series of feelings in my chest. (Remember, whoever is going to be your significant other should be your friend too).

Well, this post is meant to be about friends in general though. I was reading a book in the Holy Book and there was David and Jonathan. I would like to call them kindred spirits because I’m still wondering how you become best friends with the son of man who is trying to kill you. Like, who does that? (David and Jonathan obvs).

They didn’t just limit their friendship to them. They made a pact, a covenant that they would show faithfulness to each other’s generations. And this got me thinking and asking, how many people you call BFFs now do you think would be faithful to you even to the next generation…

This is all about you thinking about who you really call friend. Think on this and make necessary changes. We all need that friend that sticks closer than a brother.

And I’m out!

Not really out…How are you ? I’ve missed writing…

Errr, and as iron sharpens iron so does your friend sharpen you (Proverb for the soul). Is your friend(s) sharpening you or making you rust?


And now, i’m really out!…for now.



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