Dear Joshua

*sigh* It’s been a while I’ve done a ‘Dear Character’ but I couldn’t help but do this one. There’s no question, just an answer.

Dear Joshua,

Always remember, you are not an invader but an heir. Start operating as an heir!
The ‘I am’ is in your past, present and future.  That’s why He is The Way, The Truth(He is absolute), The Life , The Vine, and The Resurrection. ‘I AM is always present and that’s why you are sure of His ‘I Will’. Example: ‘I will’ never leave you nor forsake you.
I am because You Are.
You have been unstoppable but never realized it up until now. (P.S: You are Unstoppable)
Everything you need is inside of you. You can’t be asked to do something if you haven’t been giving the capacity to do so.

There is a commandment to be fruitful and multiply, and everything you need to do this is on the inside of you.
Joshua, stop talking so much about what God has done that you forget what He is doing and about to do.
Stop looking at the monuments of the pasts and see the wonders of the future.
Obedience will always precede revelation.
Stop relying on the parting of the Red Sea. You are to step into the Jordan. Step out in faith.
God is not a man that He should lie. If He has said it, He will do it.
God is looking for those who will radically trust Him. Joshua, step into the Jordan.
You are an heir not an invader.
You’ve stepped out and there’s a shut door(Jericho was securely shut). The shut door is because they were retreating in fear.
Joshua, if you can only see that a shut door sometimes is a sign of victory.
Joshua, God is looking for people who will take Him at His word. It is not your responsibility to bring it to pass. Do not wait for the manifestation. Move on. If He said it, it is done!
Joshua, what are you releasing into the atmosphere?
Joshua, the devil is attacking your mind. You are fighting a different kind of enemy. You question your identity, your sexuality. It is important that this Book of the law does not depart from your mouth. You must meditate on it day and night. You have to keep the word on your mouth, casting down every stronghold and bringing every thought into the obedience of Christ.
Joshua, there is a place for impartation and submission. Be careful who you submit to, who you allow impart your life.
If you believe there’s no one you can submit to you are in error.
Joshua, The ‘I am’ is with you. Where others fail is where you succeed. Be strong and be of good courage. You must first step out in faith. Your miracle is in your speaking. If God has said it, take it to the bank. It is done. You are unstoppable! You are born of the spirit. The wind blows to and fro. You can’t stop what you can’t see. You are an enigma. Be strong and courageous.

You are U N S T O P P A B L E!!!



Hi, This is an excerpt from a preaching by Pastor Jimmy Odukoya –PastorJ. Emerge Conference is happening! Join us tomorrow or on Sunday for the concert! Read flier for more information.


I have been thinking on what to write for a while! And then I thought back to my life this time last year. Mehn oh mehn, God has been faithful. Really faithful.  I put up this picture on my status. A year does change you a lot. Have you changed? Have there been changes made?


I love you! (Don’t be surprised). Enjoy your life.


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