#PicsorItDidntHappen Era

I just read that phrase somewhere and it resonated with something my friends and I have an issue on. My taking pictures at an event….. I have to be in the mood to take pictures. My social energy bar has to be on the highest with a fully charged power bank by the side. 

You see, there are some people that take pictures at every single, small, big, tiny event they go to.  I get that pictures need to be taken for memories blah blah but not at the expense of you not living in the moment. 
You really don’t need those pictures to prove that you were at the event or you were looking fleeky.

Check out your picture /social media posting motive if it isn’t for the right ones, drop your phone and enjoy the moment! 
Take one or two selfies for the culture but you don’t have to make a video of the artiste performing at that concert you are at. 

I hope you understand what I’m trying to say. Take pictures or post on social media but know when you are going overboard. Learn to enjoy the moment. 
P. S I’m writing this while frying pancakes. 😉 create the image in your head. 
I know it’s been a while I was here. 
ASUU is on strike. *rolls eye*
Happy New Month Sweetdarlings 


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