Only One Thing is Necessary! 

​And on the tour, he remembered he had some friends in the next city nd he decided to visit them – the two sisters, Miss Artha and Miss Ary. 

Miss Artha was overjoyed to see him. Once she had spotted him a distance off,  she had ran out of the house to greet him. Her sister was not too far behind. 

They both sat with him and listened to his many stories of wonders, people and all the experiences on the tour. 

The phone rang. 

The contents of the pot was boiling and spilling over. 

The vegetables needed to be added to the steaming pot. 

Network just happened to be extra good at that moment and all pending messages came rolling in. 

The contractor for the new project just called. 

Miss Artha was distracted. 

 “But, see Miss Ary has left me to do all these things. Tell her to give me a hand” 

 “Artha, Artha you are worried and upset about many things, but only one thing is necessary…” 
Only one thing is necessary! To sit at His feet and drink in. To pour our oil at His feet(story for another day). To learn at His feet. To enjoy the moment we find ourselves. 

‘Mary (Miss Ary) made the right choice and it will not be taken away from her’. 

It is easy to get distracted in this fast paced world. Even when it’s for a good cause. 

Okay! Putting this in a practical sense, for instance, being a volunteer for a program doesn’t mean you are not to gain anything from the program. It doesn’t also mean that you don’t perform the tasks for which you volunteered for. Do not be so carried away with the activities all around you that you forget to enjoy the program or pick something from the program. 

Learn to ‘sit at His feet and enjoy the moment.’

Remember only one thing is necessary!  🙂
Well, well it’s been a while I’ve been here…

Lol. I can’t believe how much has happened within this period. All I can say is I’m growing. Not easy but totally worth it. 

No more foolishness. So help me God. 

Anticipate #21Verses coming soon. 😉

Can I start the countdown to my birthday already? 4 months to go. 🙌🙌🙈

Shugarythots is 2 years old today! 🙌🙈💙🍷🍷

Cheers to us 🍷🍷


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