I Am Honey 

I am honey. 

 Sweet fluid flowing, 

 The ants gather round, all wanting a taste. 

 No, I’m not honey. 

 I am horny

 Yup. I said it. 

 No. It’s not a taboo to say it

 Yeah,  neither is it forbidden to feel it. 

 And you’re perfectly normal for feeling so. 
The not so talked about topic, but one of the large elephants in the room that we try to tiptoe around. 

Feeling sexually aroused is perfectly normal and it shows Miss/Mr Puberty is doing/did a great job. 

What you do when you’re horny is where the wahala can like to start. 

How do you deal with the feelings? 

The mind is a powerful tool and can be your instrument of doom when it comes to sex matters. Note, not necessarily sex matters but ‘Sex before marriage’ matters. 

So first of all, when you are feeling ‘it’, you don’t want to go/do anything that wee make the mind start wandering off to be thinking. If it’s your phone/the Internet that’s  going to make the mind think, I suggest you put the phone down for a moment. 

When ‘it’ comes, put your mind in a ‘prison’  and deliberately choose a neutral random topic to dwell on. 

I’ll be putting up comments of how some people deal with when they feel horny. This is a random sample from recently married to ‘I have a partner’ to ‘bayless’. 
“I sleep. ” – Male, early twenties, bayless

” I just relax… And try not to think about it… By getting involved in an activity that’s mind tasking…” – Female, early twenties, I have a partner 

“Till recently, when I feel horny, I masturbate. I try not to be alone…it’s hard for you not to be horny. + that’s how we were designed by God but if we avoid questionable privacy,have intelligent instead of sensual conversations with our friends, listen to music that’ll grow us instead of make us horny then, we’ll win the war against our bodies, build our innovative skills and have sense. :mrgreen:” –  Female, almost twenties(teens), bayless

” Yes I do feel horny….but I try to position my emotions towards something else …..We are moved by what we see…so I try to think of things that don’t involve sex” – Female, early twenties, bayless 

” For me it has always being battle of the mind. And when it comes I try to ask what I am to gain. The truth is that in terms of strong sexual desires we can’t run away from it. Every thing around us suggest it. The cold shower is probably the best treatment available. I make sure I am not alone… If I am at home I come downstairs to help with the chores or create some work for myself. Been horny is as result of comfort or when you are extremely tired. You just feel like you need someone to touch… Instead of lingering on such thoughts put your body to work…I also have people I talk to. Not the opposite sex o.” –  Male, late twenties, bayless

“When I’m horny and I feel horny ….well,I don’t feel horny” – Female, early twenties, bayless 

“I take a cold bath or a stroll” – Male, early twenties, bayless

“I change my thought pattern, (doesn’t always work , sometimes I’m not disciplined enough). Then I try to stay away from arousing stuff like books or movies or talks like that… ” – Female, early twenties, bayless 

” I read a book, or write” – Male, mid twenties, bayless 

“I changed my environment, talked to my mentors.”- Female, late twenties,married

You’ve heard from some people. What do you do when you’re horny? Add your comment below. Looking forward to reading and learning. :):)


5 thoughts on “I Am Honey 

  1. Very nice!…issues like this are usually talked about in hush tones, but they are things if left unchecked and undiscussed eventually leads to social vices that are commonplace nowadays. The mind can be a tricky thing to control.

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