Day 19…

Day 19
Favourite Movie
I watch movies but I don’t remember the titles.🙈 I loved loved War Room! Right now, I want to watch Central Intelligence.


Who wants to go to the cinemas?

Day 20
What makes me happy
What makes me happy? Love 😍
And the best part is Jesus is Love. So everything just flows. 🙌🙌🙌

Day 21
What makes me sad
Seeing people not being treated right. That’s just not right.

Day 22
Worst Habits
My mind wanders too easily. And once it does, I start tapping or rubbing something. 🙈. And then I’m staring at you but really not there with you.
I tend to wait until the last minute to do things atimes.

Day 23
If I won the lottery
Oh my! If I won the lottery.
I’ll redesign my mum’s house.
And then buy a lot of real estate, and then splurge, I don’t get to do that often.
All these is after paying my tithe sha.

Day 24
What attracts me in love
Hmmm… Overtime ‘the list’ has matured and grown. Things have been changed, added, removed and modified.
First of, a brother that loves God. Someone that emits wisdom and doesn’t just have the gifts but the fruit of the Spirit…. That is just 😍.
Errrr… As we go along sha

Day 25
Biggest Regret
None. Every experience is a teacher.

Almost done. 🙌


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