Day 11 and Some More

Day 11
10 Favorite Foods
Hehe! Food 😍. Yes. It doesn’t show on my body but then I love good food. Win-win situation.
1. Spaghetti 🍝
I love love spaghetti. Like perfectly cooked one, not too soft and mushy just cooked right. Oh my. Spaghetti and sauce, Jollof, anyhow you want to do it. I love.
2. Amala and Ewedu without Gbegiri
Yeah.. Without Gbegiri, never tasted it. Don’t know how it tastes. I would rather stick with the familiar ( 20 facts about me). This won’t be complete without a picture of amala.
But Google isn’t helping matters. 😐
3. Rice
Well well well. If this didn’t make the list.? Rice anyhow, any style we eat it. Saw this on Sisi Yemmie’s blog. Looks good. 😍


4. Pancakes
5. Pizza 🍕… Is this food?
6. Food yaff finish oo

Day 12
Favourite Childhood Book
Nope. No favorites. Purple Hibiscus was a hit, still reread it from time to time.
Our famous Enid Blyton. It was in this old age that I knew how to spell the name.🙈 Famous Five Series. Great Expectations, Robinson Crusoe.
Books that I’ll still reread now sha.

Day 13
What’s inside my fridge?
Yup. There’s been no light for a while now so everything had to come out. So for now it’s clean and waiting for Power Holding or is it Eko Distribution to unhold the power.

Epp me complete the list small. What’s your favorite food?


2 thoughts on “Day 11 and Some More

  1. Afang soup and any accompaniment (Semovita, wheatmeal or pounded yam). Beans and fried plantain, then Amala and Ewedu in that order.

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