Day 2 and Some Other Days

Day 2
20 Facts About Me
1. I love love. ❤💙💜

2. I’m a Jesus lover!!! He’s Love.

3. I can be very indecisive. Ah… When I wanted to get a new phone.

4. I’m clingy. And due to knowing I’m clingy, I don’t like to trust people easily until I’m sure…. But most of the time, humans disappoint so I cling to Jesus and myself.

5. I am a jealous somebody…

6. I love surprises kind of. You know those kind of surprises that you think you know about and then the person executes the plan even better? Yeah. Those kinds of surprises.

7. I’m a good seat dancer. Yup, I dance in my seat very well but stand up and show the moves 🙆😥😥.  The worst one is the choreography in my head 🚶

8. I loveeee reading.

9. I don’t think this list will reach 20.

10. I like to put unnecessary pressure on myself.

11. I’m selectively lazy. I could be all empty the dust and dirt from the house this minute to ‘today I just don’t feel like doing anything’

12. I love taking questionnaires and surveys.

13. I love sleeping

14.80% of the time I dont like taking pictures… (this means that on day 18 a picture of myself is 20% sure)

15. I most of the time Google movies before I watch it. Especially when I’m going to the cinema. Can’t be going to waste money on an uninteresting movie + you wee now coman catch me unawares inside the film. No way.

16. I limit my circle of friends to those who ‘have my back’  + those I can have back for. I need people like Hananiah, Mishael and Abednego the way Daniel had them around him.

17. I love the name Aisha so I adopted it.

18. I play too much in my head. I make up too many silly scenarios that may never happen

19. I’m #Unashamed.

20. We did it.

Or we didn’t. Thinking these up was hard. Guess I don’t know myself yet. Am I meant to be sad rn?

Did Day 3 in the first post.
Day 4
My Dream Job
That will be helping people put their money to good use, assigning duties to people, being in charge, being useful, serving, fulfilling purpose. I don’t know the name title to give this job description. Any ideas?

Day 5
Proudest Moment
Can’t place any moment as my proudest. Maybe my academic achievements? Getting into the University.
Wait. When I got my first job. Yeah. I was like a whole me employable? I felt good. 👌

Day 6
What are you afraid of?
I used to be afraid of failing,falling short, not living up to expectations. The thoughts still come atimes but then I know all things are working together for good. Everything’s gonna turn out fine so why worry right?

I’m enjoying doing this. ☺


One thought on “Day 2 and Some Other Days

  1. Hmmm, this is cool.
    Have you heard of chronic selective participation? That’s the scientifically approved name for ‘lazy’ Lol.
    So you don’t like taking pictures too, hmm. Perhaps we branched on our way down here. I’m still dreading Day 18.

    Liked by 1 person

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