Aha! Another Blog Challenge

Saw this on Eziaha’s blog and I decided to join.


Gives me something to do and keeps me glued to this space for 30 days straight. Okay, not necessarily 30 days straight because I’ll be merging some days together. But then, this space still gets updated. So all’s fair in war.

Day 1
Blog’s Name
How did I come up with shugarythots?
Lol. At a point in my life, I called myself Shuga (I still do sometimes) because of MTV’s Shuga Series.


I don’t know how or why the name stuck but I love(d) it. Knew I wanted a blog, didn’t know what to name it.
One of those random days, I opened my WordPress app and created the username shugarythots.
And you know how we are the salt of the earth, flavoring and all. Yeah we are sugar and everything nice, sweetening up everywhere and just letting ourselves spread the fragrance of the knowledge of Him everywhere.


Day 2 is post for another day. Jump to
Day 3
Favorite Quote
That just has to be one I continually remind myself when I’m feeling not up to ‘it’ or when things go as planned.
Jeremiah 29 :11.
He knows the plans He has for me. Plans of good and not of evil. Plans of hope and a future…
Yup. All time favorite quote.
What’s your favorite quote?

P. S D’Dream tried commenting.. No comment box? And I just had to post mine too.


3 thoughts on “Aha! Another Blog Challenge

  1. Lol, I didn’t know of that till Nedoux prompt me.
    Ah! Why did thou jump number 2??? I’m holding up a placard up here with the inscription #bringbackournumber2″ hehehe


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