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When it doesn’t go as planned,
Feeling shortchanged and not in the mood anymore.
All the hype running down the drain,
Useful and purposeful gaining just a little bit of what you expected
Seeing the snaps, hearing the music
You’ve got to remind yourself that Jesus is God and that doesn’t change.
You know that you’ll wait for him, even as you wait on Him, your First Love.
Even if that means #NoSUM, you’ll do the right thing and love truly.
You know you’re that Proverbs 31 kinda girl who doesn’t need weed to make her high even though she serves the most High.
You sit back and try to remain anonymous.
And when you’re feeling all sick and irrelevant, bring out the knives and cut open.
Remove that hateful tumor, that mood swing infection, that jealous disease.
This process – The Excision

Hehe… I get to have my excision after the event. Was eventful. Got to see some of my favorite people. 😍


When God uses every experience to teach you.:roll:👍
Wish I bought a teeshirt. 😐
How have y’all been?


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