Month: May 2016

Straightening the Motives

So I was talking to this particular person about football and all. And he asked, ‘what interests you in football’. Truth be told, I don’t know. Can’t give an answer. Still thinking on what keeps me interested in football.
At a point in my life, it was just 22 boys running after a ball. Lol. Now, it’s fun, conversation topic, heartbreaking, breath holding moments. (Yes, I hold my breath for most of the time I watch football 😩😩😶)
Why do you eat?
Why do you have a bath?
Why do you laugh at his ‘not so funny’ jokes?
Why do you still text him/her till late at night?
Why do you want a significant other?
Why is he/she still your friend?
Why are you in school?
Why do you feel that you’re in a competition with your friends?
Why aren’t you talking to your parents?
Why do you criticize others with reckless abandon?
Why do you feel you should be married now?
Why are you still friends with her/him?
Why do you feel the need to make her/him jealous?
Why did you wear that cloth?
Why do you give?
Why don’t you give?
Why do you love?
Why don’t you love?
Why don’t you trust?
Why do you trust?
Why do you get disturbed easily?
Why do you worry?
Why are you still in that unhappy relationship /marriage?
Why don’t you believe that you have a Helper?
Why are you still living by the law?
Why don’t you want to accept His grace? It’s free yuno…

Just some random questions swimming around in my head. Most of the time now, I try to get my motives straight(emphasis on most of the time).
Why am I doing this thing? Is it right? Do I need to be doing it? Will it bring glory to God?
That kain thing.
Why do you do the things you do?
Start asking questions. 😉


My Birthing Experience

Push! Push! Push!
And in that moment, it was all like a dream.
The mind went back to when my baby was formed.
My baby grew
She pushed around and made more room for herself.
Made herself comfortable in my space
Grew in me, and with me.
She probed my insides, pushed my limits
She brought out strength from places I didn’t know existed.
Now, the pain.
The labour.
The pain.
The pushing.
The crowning.
The world eagerly awaits her manifestation.


Are you ready to birth that dream?
The world is waiting for you and only you can do the pushing.
You ready to Push?
Happy Mother’s Day to all the ladies out there.😘😘😘