#ShugaThinks: Beautiful scar

I’m jejely on my own in a bus going home,when I feel this pain. Like you know when people say they hear something slicing through the air, me I didn’t hear anything. I only felt this really sharp pain. And Jesus knows how much I hate pain. (that’s the reason why I’ve still not pierced my second ear-hole, the pain! Choi! Nah lemme be gathering strength before I pierce it).
Back to my story, so I feel this sharp pain. No reaction, nothing. My sister is crying hysterically beside me, people are shouting. Lol. Someone had just passed with a glass and it had sliced my face.
Hehe, my beautiful face now has a scar.
The face I was just beginning to accept and embrace as one of God’s creation. The face I was just beginning to love even with the flaws and all. I now have a scar slashed across my cheek. My own private tribal mark.

This is unreal. My cheeks are still perfectly fine. But in the bus, something like this could have easily happened. And I imagined if I had a scar on my face  what would I do? How easy it is to see the flaw when it’s staring right in your face?
Was also wondering how long it would take me to embrace my face again, scar and all.
What would you do if you accidentally had a mistake drawing on your face?
How would you accept this imperfection?



One thought on “#ShugaThinks: Beautiful scar

  1. That’s a scary scenario you just painted… it should be filed under the category of worst nightmares.
    Most us carry insecurities about ourselves, especially about our bodies as we walk from place to place. Even when others admire us for those things, we cling to the insecurities.

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