Who am I?

I’m a runs girl. Don’t judge. Not like I’m doing it because I enjoy it. With the way things are in the economy, one has to survive.
My dad died when I was 6. I’m the first out of 5. I have 4 brothers. With my way of bringing income into the family, one is almost done with high school,another is in law school and the other two are still in the University.
I have a house at Dolphin Estate, a 5 bedroom duplex. I ordered a custom made car some weeks back. It’s due to arrive in a couple of days.
Scratch the opening sentence. I AM NO LONGER A RUNS GIRL! Yeah, that feels much better. I’ve experienced love. Yeah I’m giving all these up because of love. Want to hear the story?
There was a memo that went out in our estate that some two guys were on the run and we should lock up and notify the authorities if we see any sign of them. Immediately, I went to the door to lock up but then I saw these two suit and tie well dressed, Chocolat looking guys walking up to my door. I let them in. Lol. I really don’t know why.
They said they were from a company sent to carry out a survey in the estate but it seems like they’ve been mistaken for ruffians. They were looking for a place to hide. I take them to my favorite place, my best kept secret my hideout where I can be the real me- the lounge in the roof.
My doorbell is ringing incessantly. The security agents are at my door. Someone had called that they saw some people enter into my house. (I think it’s Mrs Williams, the nosy neighbor that called). They want to search my house. They don’t find anything and they leave.
My two Chocolat looking men said I should paint my door red so in case of any emergency they could easily know the house. My little brother did that.
Within the next few days, heard that the estate had been sold and people were taking over. The estate was agog with strange faces pushing people out of their homes.
There’s a knock and I see my Chocolat men. They drive me and my family out of the house and into a waiting van.
And that was the beginning of a fresh start for me.
Got married to one of the Chocolat men. I don’t know how it happened but I made history too.
If my mess could be turned to into a story fit for kings to hear, then I don’t think you should give up on yourself just yet.
I am Rahab.

Yup She’s Rahab. One of the few women to be included in the lineage of Jesus Christ. She was a woman saved by grace. Her story is just so amazing.

You can be better than you are now. 😘😘



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