So it’s this blessed lady’s birthday! I saw a piece she did and it called my name out loud.  Said I was gonna put it up and what better day to do that than her birthday.

Hunger Sunday

With a big smile on his face he said
“Welcome sister!”
Smiling back at him she followed him.
Walking way up to the front.
She sat down to listen.
Her hopes ignited like new fireworks
Believing she would be filled up again.
Still sitting.
Still listening.
Hours passed.
               Was still sitting.
                                 Still listening…

“May we share the grace”
I hate this church!
I didn’t feel anything…
With my hopes dashed n destroyed.
She saw him again.
With that same smile that didnt win her over this time,
“Bye sister”
She smiled. Plastic that only measured from one corner of my mouth to the other. Shallow.
Her mouth dry as her hunger.
Hunger that resided in her soul
Kiki walked away wondering when she would meet the perfect preacher.
Her bible tucked away her bag.
Exactly were it had been last sunday…
Exactly where it will be next week…


Oh and Louange means praise in le français.

Happy birthday Louange! Many more years darling!

P. S when you see something or someone good learn to celebrate it. And that’s what I do everytime I repost someone’s post or put up someone’s work.
This year’s on a Power bike!
I’m in love with Janette…ikz ‘I’ll wait for you’.



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