The Day After

What a boring finance class causes.


She’s happy, she got the gift that takes her to the next level – The Proposal
He claims he got the best gift ever – Arsenal winning
She’s sad, she can’t post her gift  – The Water Dispenser
She made her man proud – The Ps4
He got the usual, only this time designers – Boxers, Vests and Cufflinks
They went out for the first time since the children came. – The Dinner Date
They celebrated her birthday and the wedding anniversary. She got a gift. She doesn’t know which is for which.
Does it matter?
She didn’t get a gift.
No one asked him what he wants for Val.
Some still glow, some are heartbroken 💔, some are sad, some are happy,
All on The Day After.

How was your Valentine…

And thanks to bad connection, it comes the day after the day after. 😐



3 thoughts on “The Day After

  1. Mine was basically spent writing up a storm, whether the stuff makes sense is a different matter.
    I like all the scenarios you put up, the water dispenser scenario made me laugh out loud. What an unromantic gift! However useful and important it might be.


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