Cracked but not Broken

Hi there,
So I have this friend of mine that loves holding hands. You’ll be walking with her and all of a sudden your hands will be in hers. She’ll start from the elbow and reach the hand. I find it highly disturbing. So whenever I walk with her, I always play with my hands.
Today was one of those days when she was trying to get hold of my hand (she does it unconsciously), and in trying to remove my hand stylishly I hit the other hand against the wall.
Guess what?
My watch face broke.


And I’m like I need a new watch.
And then it came subtly, ‘even if it’s a lil bit cracked, it still works,  it is still useful’
Applying that to humans, yeah there are some things that you’ve done that you aren’t proud of or somethings that have happened that you couldn’t control. They’ve left you cracked just a lil bit or much bigger cracks.
Anyways you still work! You’re still useful. You still tick. You can still show people the way. (time in this case ;)).
So don’t focus on that lil crack.


P. S  the sun is hot. 😰😰🌞🌞🌞
I love my camera. 💙

Watching the cars go by

Valentine is on Sunday. 💋💋💋


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