💙 Love inspired 💙

In the spirit of February and the month of love and loving up and down. This post is for loving everywhere.
Wrote this some moments ago. Still looking for a title. Search along with me. Here it is.

Reach out to her crevices
Draw out her soul and love it
Don’t let it go
She still needs your attention
Curled up in her shell
Bursting loose with her feelings
Hoping they find a canvass to express themselves
Don’t let her go just yet
Shy in all of her beauty
Probing in all inquisitions
Shoot at the heart and don’t let it go
Remind her that you can love because you’ve been loved first
Testing the limits to which it can stretch
Testing the waters if it’s deep or shallow
Testing the meal if it’s tasty
Don’t let her go just yet.

Hehe.. Trying my hands at poetry. Don’t let her go just yet. :mrgreen::mrgreen:

Bdw I found out about this pelzin some time ago and his voice is 😍😍😍😍


Make sure you love with your eyes open.

Know that you can only love truly when you understand that you have been loved first by the Ultimate Bae. The Best Lover ever – Jesus. The only guy that has died for you yet. ;);)👌

P. S I might just have loving up posts throughout this month and beyond…. Hehe, love is beautiful innit?
P. S  As someone I’m starting to love Eziaha   inspired my #YearofStalking, Joseph Prince is bae, Joyce Meyer too.
She loves Joyce Meyer to heaven. And yeah she gave me a Joyce Meyer Study Bible which I absolutely love. Thank you so much 😘😘😘


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