Month: February 2016


So it’s this blessed lady’s birthday! I saw a piece she did and it called my name out loud.  Said I was gonna put it up and what better day to do that than her birthday.

Hunger Sunday

With a big smile on his face he said
“Welcome sister!”
Smiling back at him she followed him.
Walking way up to the front.
She sat down to listen.
Her hopes ignited like new fireworks
Believing she would be filled up again.
Still sitting.
Still listening.
Hours passed.
               Was still sitting.
                                 Still listening…

“May we share the grace”
I hate this church!
I didn’t feel anything…
With my hopes dashed n destroyed.
She saw him again.
With that same smile that didnt win her over this time,
“Bye sister”
She smiled. Plastic that only measured from one corner of my mouth to the other. Shallow.
Her mouth dry as her hunger.
Hunger that resided in her soul
Kiki walked away wondering when she would meet the perfect preacher.
Her bible tucked away her bag.
Exactly were it had been last sunday…
Exactly where it will be next week…


Oh and Louange means praise in le français.

Happy birthday Louange! Many more years darling!

P. S when you see something or someone good learn to celebrate it. And that’s what I do everytime I repost someone’s post or put up someone’s work.
This year’s on a Power bike!
I’m in love with Janette…ikz ‘I’ll wait for you’.




Women of 31 status…



Here’s a beautiful poem by christian spoken word artist, Janette…IKZ called ’31 to be exact’. Happy reading!

And God said, it was not good for man to be alone so He created you
But somewhere along the line someone changed your perspective shifted your view
Like Eve, you listened to the wrong voice and took a huge tasty bite of deception
Now your stomach is upset cause your spirit won’t digest it
No longer the woman that works in the confidence of ultimate artistic design
Submit your name change: we’ll call you compromise
This is what happens when, your gospel is according to whoever is at the top of your playlist
And the media has become your Bible
Searching scripture of magazines to be told you are a dancing lead in Satan’s recital
But you are not her and she is not you
Cause we are called to so much…

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The Day After

What a boring finance class causes.


She’s happy, she got the gift that takes her to the next level – The Proposal
He claims he got the best gift ever – Arsenal winning
She’s sad, she can’t post her gift  – The Water Dispenser
She made her man proud – The Ps4
He got the usual, only this time designers – Boxers, Vests and Cufflinks
They went out for the first time since the children came. – The Dinner Date
They celebrated her birthday and the wedding anniversary. She got a gift. She doesn’t know which is for which.
Does it matter?
She didn’t get a gift.
No one asked him what he wants for Val.
Some still glow, some are heartbroken 💔, some are sad, some are happy,
All on The Day After.

How was your Valentine…

And thanks to bad connection, it comes the day after the day after. 😐


💙 Love inspired 💙

In the spirit of February and the month of love and loving up and down. This post is for loving everywhere.
Wrote this some moments ago. Still looking for a title. Search along with me. Here it is.

Reach out to her crevices
Draw out her soul and love it
Don’t let it go
She still needs your attention
Curled up in her shell
Bursting loose with her feelings
Hoping they find a canvass to express themselves
Don’t let her go just yet
Shy in all of her beauty
Probing in all inquisitions
Shoot at the heart and don’t let it go
Remind her that you can love because you’ve been loved first
Testing the limits to which it can stretch
Testing the waters if it’s deep or shallow
Testing the meal if it’s tasty
Don’t let her go just yet.

Hehe.. Trying my hands at poetry. Don’t let her go just yet. :mrgreen::mrgreen:

Bdw I found out about this pelzin some time ago and his voice is 😍😍😍😍


Make sure you love with your eyes open.

Know that you can only love truly when you understand that you have been loved first by the Ultimate Bae. The Best Lover ever – Jesus. The only guy that has died for you yet. ;);)👌

P. S I might just have loving up posts throughout this month and beyond…. Hehe, love is beautiful innit?
P. S  As someone I’m starting to love Eziaha   inspired my #YearofStalking, Joseph Prince is bae, Joyce Meyer too.
She loves Joyce Meyer to heaven. And yeah she gave me a Joyce Meyer Study Bible which I absolutely love. Thank you so much 😘😘😘

10,000 Teachers guys…Stay HUNGRY! Lean IN!! Go HARD!!!

Wow! A long but interesting and very challenging post. Time to do some major stalking. Eziaha isn’t left out either.
Where is your stalking taking you to?

The F.A.B. Sister's Blog

After all, you have 10,000 teachers/guides/tutors/instructors/Chrises/Joyces to direct/lead you…1Cor 4:15

Guys, I WISH I was doing a vlog instead on this topic!!! I want you to SEE my heart and how it beats about this. But since I ain’t doing no vlog, I just pray that my writings are alive indeed… AMEN!!!
(But I’m gonna start vlogging soon. As soon as I get my nails done. Hahahahaha)

Can I just start by saying that in this day, age and time, you are absolutely INEXCUSABLE if you are ignorant?
Gosh, information is absolutely EVERYWHERE all thanks to technology. One of my biggest 2016 lessons has to be ‘When the student is ready, the teacher will appear’. 


But what we have these days are a bunch of lazy people who want you to spell EVERYTHING out to them personally and won’t do no work. 
You know, I listen to PK a lot…

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