Thought flows

Some few hours to February! I’m meant to have a ‘Dear Someone’ put up today. Let’s just say today is one of those special days.
I’ll run through things I’ve learnt in January.
January is was such a blessed month!
I feel that it is important to do activities that improve you in January. Most of the time it frames the remaining part of the year.
1. JOY!!!
So I learnt about joy and that’s one thing I’m taking on my journey through the remaining part of this year. When you see your level of productivity declining, check your joy level. Don’t let the devil steal your joy for the remaining part of this year.
2. The words you speak
Yeah, this is like a cliche thing but really we need to watch what we say. Our prayer life shouldn’t be different from when we are speaking normally. You go into the prayer room, come out and contradict everything you’ve prayed for with one reply to your friend. God listens to you all the time so speak pleasant words always.
That’s basically all.
And then life is too short to kill yourself over someone. Love yourself darlings! 😍😍


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