Dear Joseph

Dear Joseph,
I do not know what to do. Or actually I do know what to do but I need validation from someone as experienced as you.
I have a boyfriend I really love. We’ve made out once or twice and that’s all. We are waiting till we get married. I kinda want more now. Didn’t you find Mrs Potiphar attractive? Weren’t you man enough or you weren’t in the mood? She must have found you attractive for her to want you, or you had someone you wanted in mind already? What kept you from doing it?
Yours truthfully
Hormones Raging Lady

Hi Miss Hormones,
You having a boyfriend that you are physically intimate with is buying a one-way ticket to danger. There’s no way you won’t want more dear. It’s the way we’ve been wired. I advise you guys to nip it in the bud and limit your physical intimacy to holding hands.


Mrs Potiphar was one very attractive woman.  And she had the money too. I would have been well settled for life sef, but then I remembered my dreams – the sheaves and the stars bowing to me. What kept me from doing it? My relationship with God.
It was just too precious let go off. I couldn’t possibly do such great evil in my Father’s sight. She was persistent and I got accused of rape. I was sad of course but grateful that I stood up for what I believe in.
You need validation? This is it. Let your marriage bed be kept undefiled. Don’t do what won’t please God. I trust you to make the right decisions.




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