Dear Sarah

The idea for this post, and subsequent similar ones, was birthed out of staying up late one night and putting myself in the shoes of a bible character.
This time it’s my darling Sarah.

Dear Sarah,
I’m a single, young, Christian lady. How did you stay true to God’s promises? How did you keep on believing even when the future seemed bleak. You were 90years old when the promises were finally fulfilled. How did you feel when you were uprooted from your hometown. How did you do it?
Yours hopefully,
Christian babe believing for bae

Hi dear,
How did I do it? Apart from having a strong Christian background, it was all the support of my darling Abraham. He was my pillar. Do you remember when I got fed up of holding on to the promises and offered him Hagar? He didn’t want to but I insisted. At the end of the day, I got jealous and sent her and her son packing. I think he knew that will happen and he was trying to avoid it.
Also, remember when the three visitors came and I laughed. Well, it sounded absurd to think that I would still give birth to a son. Guess who gave me a stern warning/reminder of how faithful God is? My Abraham.
One thing I’ll tell you for sure is marry someone who supports you spiritually, career wise and all round. If you both are dating and all he does is kick your esteem to the ground or doesn’t give you any form of positive advice or constructive criticism to help you get better, I don’t think you have any business being with him. How did I do it? My main support was Abraham who kept reminding me of the promises God made to us.
Yours sincerely,

P. S you could give me a character to work with it or questions you think a particular  character answered.


4 thoughts on “Dear Sarah

  1. I loved this!
    Like you I’m believing God for a bae and other things and it seems so dreary and depressing. This gave me a huge boost.
    I like this post and hope you’ll make it a series, who’d I like to see next? David!

    Liked by 1 person

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