Happy New Year

Yaaayyy! We made it! It’s a new year. It’s 2016. Fresh start, blank page, new beginnings. Make good use of it. December will be here in no time.
So on the 1st I was stayed up late watching the Headies Award show. Olamide and Don Jazzy spiced up the poorly organised show. Lol. They flipped the script.
I know there’s a verse somewhere in proverbs that Don Jazzy or Olamide should have followed. Not replying, keeping shut, staying cool and all the likes.
If you were Don Jazzy, what would you have done after Olamide’s ‘speech’? I trust our people. There are 1 million and 1 memes, tweets. The people are expecting a bloody beef, worded replies and just general nonsense from both camps. Will they give on to their fans requests?
What do you do when you are faced with a decision to do right but everyone around you don’t agree?
Food for thought : Even a fool is thought wise if he keeps quiet.

P. S: I think Olamide already gave in to his fans request. His Twitter page is lit.
P. S. S : Ask for help in fulfilling your plans for the year. Hope you wrote them down though. It helps when taking stock over a period of time.



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