Month: January 2016

Thought flows

Some few hours to February! I’m meant to have a ‘Dear Someone’ put up today. Let’s just say today is one of those special days.
I’ll run through things I’ve learnt in January.
January is was such a blessed month!
I feel that it is important to do activities that improve you in January. Most of the time it frames the remaining part of the year.
1. JOY!!!
So I learnt about joy and that’s one thing I’m taking on my journey through the remaining part of this year. When you see your level of productivity declining, check your joy level. Don’t let the devil steal your joy for the remaining part of this year.
2. The words you speak
Yeah, this is like a cliche thing but really we need to watch what we say. Our prayer life shouldn’t be different from when we are speaking normally. You go into the prayer room, come out and contradict everything you’ve prayed for with one reply to your friend. God listens to you all the time so speak pleasant words always.
That’s basically all.
And then life is too short to kill yourself over someone. Love yourself darlings! 😍😍


Dear Abraham

This is just one part of a Dear Abraham. Been lazy to put this up. Here it goes.

Dear Abraham,
I’m a student living on a less than average income. (we never do have enough money, do we?). Well,  income here meaning my pocket money from parents and other well wishers. I don’t have a job yet, don’t think I’m ready for one either. I don’t pay my tithes. Like I don’t grab the concept. My ‘income’  isn’t even enough for my needs not to talk of the wants and then I will now coman go and give 10% everytime I receive a stipend. Nah! I give offerings every time I’m in church though. You were one rich guy. Show me the way, I’m your seed by faith. ‘Abraham’ s blessings are mine, I am blessed in the morning, blessed in the evening, Abraham’s blessings are mine’. Can’t see those blessings around me.
Yours sincerely
Financially Knocked Up

Hi there,
Your first mistake or rather undoing is not paying your tithe. You want the blessings that were upon me upon you? Well you’ve got to make some sacrifices I made.
There was a time I rescued my nephew Lot from some kings, and the spoils I got, I gave to Melchizedek – the high priest. He blessed me. But then after I had a vision where God appeared to me and blessed me Himself. (you know what that means for God to come Himself to bless you). I never lacked for anything in my lifetime.
There’s also something Prophet Malachi (yeah, I know him. We’ve met) had to say about tithing and it’s still applicable in your time.
Another thing to boost your finances us to give.


Remember, give and it will be given back to you. Good measure, pressed down and then shaken together. Whoa… That’s a whole lot if you ask me. Help others and you’ll receive help. It’s a simple law of the kingdom –  give and you’ll receive, sow and you’ll reap
Hope you’ll be able to pick up some healthy Kingdom financial tips to boost your pocket.
Yours truly


Dear Joseph

Dear Joseph,
I do not know what to do. Or actually I do know what to do but I need validation from someone as experienced as you.
I have a boyfriend I really love. We’ve made out once or twice and that’s all. We are waiting till we get married. I kinda want more now. Didn’t you find Mrs Potiphar attractive? Weren’t you man enough or you weren’t in the mood? She must have found you attractive for her to want you, or you had someone you wanted in mind already? What kept you from doing it?
Yours truthfully
Hormones Raging Lady

Hi Miss Hormones,
You having a boyfriend that you are physically intimate with is buying a one-way ticket to danger. There’s no way you won’t want more dear. It’s the way we’ve been wired. I advise you guys to nip it in the bud and limit your physical intimacy to holding hands.


Mrs Potiphar was one very attractive woman.  And she had the money too. I would have been well settled for life sef, but then I remembered my dreams – the sheaves and the stars bowing to me. What kept me from doing it? My relationship with God.
It was just too precious let go off. I couldn’t possibly do such great evil in my Father’s sight. She was persistent and I got accused of rape. I was sad of course but grateful that I stood up for what I believe in.
You need validation? This is it. Let your marriage bed be kept undefiled. Don’t do what won’t please God. I trust you to make the right decisions.



Dear Sarah

The idea for this post, and subsequent similar ones, was birthed out of staying up late one night and putting myself in the shoes of a bible character.
This time it’s my darling Sarah.

Dear Sarah,
I’m a single, young, Christian lady. How did you stay true to God’s promises? How did you keep on believing even when the future seemed bleak. You were 90years old when the promises were finally fulfilled. How did you feel when you were uprooted from your hometown. How did you do it?
Yours hopefully,
Christian babe believing for bae

Hi dear,
How did I do it? Apart from having a strong Christian background, it was all the support of my darling Abraham. He was my pillar. Do you remember when I got fed up of holding on to the promises and offered him Hagar? He didn’t want to but I insisted. At the end of the day, I got jealous and sent her and her son packing. I think he knew that will happen and he was trying to avoid it.
Also, remember when the three visitors came and I laughed. Well, it sounded absurd to think that I would still give birth to a son. Guess who gave me a stern warning/reminder of how faithful God is? My Abraham.
One thing I’ll tell you for sure is marry someone who supports you spiritually, career wise and all round. If you both are dating and all he does is kick your esteem to the ground or doesn’t give you any form of positive advice or constructive criticism to help you get better, I don’t think you have any business being with him. How did I do it? My main support was Abraham who kept reminding me of the promises God made to us.
Yours sincerely,

P. S you could give me a character to work with it or questions you think a particular  character answered.

The Relationship

How good is Your love towards us? That You love us anyways. How mysterious is grasping the depth of the love You have for us.
I can’t even be bold and say that my love and actions have been faithful or always pleasing to you. But I can brag of your love for me.
Lol. People want to be in a relationship but don’t want the ‘stress’  or wahala or aftermath that comes with it.
Jeez, You take it all even when I’m the dormant partner in this partnership of ours.
You’ve got me going back to read 1cor 13 or going to fully understand John 3:16.
You in a relationship with me is never stress-free but You still love me deeply.
Your unfathomable love for me keeps me in awe.

Happy New Year

Yaaayyy! We made it! It’s a new year. It’s 2016. Fresh start, blank page, new beginnings. Make good use of it. December will be here in no time.
So on the 1st I was stayed up late watching the Headies Award show. Olamide and Don Jazzy spiced up the poorly organised show. Lol. They flipped the script.
I know there’s a verse somewhere in proverbs that Don Jazzy or Olamide should have followed. Not replying, keeping shut, staying cool and all the likes.
If you were Don Jazzy, what would you have done after Olamide’s ‘speech’? I trust our people. There are 1 million and 1 memes, tweets. The people are expecting a bloody beef, worded replies and just general nonsense from both camps. Will they give on to their fans requests?
What do you do when you are faced with a decision to do right but everyone around you don’t agree?
Food for thought : Even a fool is thought wise if he keeps quiet.

P. S: I think Olamide already gave in to his fans request. His Twitter page is lit.
P. S. S : Ask for help in fulfilling your plans for the year. Hope you wrote them down though. It helps when taking stock over a period of time.