Her life, Her legacy

Hi guys
Went for Pastor ‘Bimbo’s Memorial Service today.


There was this amazing book up for sale – Glorious Legacy; the life and times of ‘Bimbo Odukoya.
I got a copy and couldn’t drop it until I was through with it, and I couldn’t help but write down what I’ve noticed about the stories told about her.
So here are some things I’m learning
1. She was a lover of God. Like she put God first. In all said and read, her relationship with Christ resonated forth.
As she’ll say,  “Life is short, death is sure;it’s only what you do for Christ that lasts.”

2. She was a giver. Givers never lack and I don’t think she did. She gave without minding. She gave recklessly. She gave with all her might.
3. She lived the Ephesians rule on marriage. ‘Wives submit to your husbands,….’. In today’s world with radical feminism and women standing up for themselves (not saying this is bad, there has to be a balance), stories are told of how she submitted wholly to her head(husband) as well as her first Head(Christ). She famously looked out for her ‘Darl’ as she fondly called Pastor Taiwo Odukoya.
4. The last and definitely not the least in any way. She made it a point of duty to make sure that everyone that came in contact with her received Christ as their Saviour.

P. S I think these should be my new year resolution. Apart form no 3 tho that’s for when I have a ‘Darl’.
P. P. S I sat beside this really cool person.



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