Who else has noticed that it’s a new season? Something has changed in the atmosphere! And I’m loving it.
This is season for God’s power to be made manifest in the church and we are all to be a part of it. Gifts of the spirit are not only for the preachers anymore. In fact they were never for the preachers alone, it’s only because we Christians are lazy. We don’t want to go back to read the word for ourselves.


Well the Gifts of the spirit are for everybody! Every single person that believes. Don’t be left out of this season.
Another thing on my mind is that manifesting just the gifts without the fruit is possible but not advisable. It doesn’t matter if your tongues sound like Latin or you raise the dead, you have to show forth the fruit of the spirit. (Gal5:22). That will be a really good proof that you are walking in the spirit.


Errrr what else on my mind?
I also found out the importance of having good, supportive and encouraging and word and spirit filled people around you. Check your Circle of friends today.


Oh! And I’m in the process of upping my prayer game. I can’t afford to not pray anymore.!
Serving God pays! Serve Him well! Love Him up. Be intimate with Him. Remember He’s the Ultimate Bae!


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