*Hides Face*

Honestly I’m embarrassed to come back here. I’m really sorry for not posting anything. Don’t even know where to start. I’ll just tell you snippets of what I’ve learnt.
These few days I’ve learnt a lot about worship. Worship is not just singing slow songs. The way most of us know it. Like ‘let’s sing praise and worship’, praise is danceable song worship is slow. No! Worship is everything you do. Worship is giving God glory.
Another thing I’ve learnt, I was created to worship God. Sometimes you’ll be singing a song and it will take you to the spirit, other times you might not feel the ‘feeling’  but that doesn’t mean that God isn’t there.
God wants you to continually trust Him.
Love God, love others. That’s what you are to do. Learnt to love others
I hope you’re able to pick something form my ramblings.
There’s a movie I can’t wait to see. Read some sort of review on Eziaha’s blog and it only whet my appetite to see it – War room. From the stables of the Kendrick brothers, makers of Courageous, Fireproof etc.  Cant wait to watch it.
Have you heard of the Merchant of Romance? She deals in giving/surprising gifts for partners in marriage. Check her out on instagram.
I want to work with her. I’m interested in her line of business.
Well I think I’m done here for now
See ya lerra





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