Day 2: You’re not an accident

God’s love is just awesome! The Bible says, “Long before he laid down earth’s foundations, he had us in mind, had settled on us as the focus of his love.” Just think about that! He had you in mind and had made you the focus of His love. His love, His love, His love. Everything revolves around His love. He created you to love you. Wawuu! Just thinking about that is a reminder that I’m not and can never be an accident.
God said even while you were in your mother’s womb, He knew you. He knew you would have some good, bad or bittersweet experiences. And the best part is that He will and has always been with us through it all.


There is a God who made you for a reason, and your life has profound meaning!
Point to Ponder: I am not an accident. Verse to Remember: “I am your Creator. You were in my care even before you were born.”  Isaiah 44:2 (CEV)
Question to Consider: Knowing that God uniquely created me, what areas of my personality, background, and physical appearance am I struggling to accept?
I’m not struggling anymore. Was ashamed maybe. I’m unashamed now. There’s a reason why all these have happened so that I can come out stronger and be able to share my experience with someone going through the same thing or something similar.
Today’s is Friday! And  Rccg’s convention has been going on since the beginning of this week. Cant wait to go for today’s own. ‘The All-Sufficient God’.
The weekend starting.
Have a nice one.
Chapter 3 loading…



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