Things I’ll most likely do when I’m pregnant

What a title! I was randomly thinking and I was like what would I do if I were pregnant . So here are a few things I think might happen
This is so def. But what will they be? I know fish and salad will be part. Lool… I don’t know why but I gatta feeling. ;).

Or dishes like this

Or stuff like this
Dunno what my other cravings will be.
2. Hair
I think I might cut my hair, and this is some scary thought. Maybe because my roommate just cut her hair and I’ve been wondering how it will feel like if I do so again.
If I don’t cut my hair, I know braids will be a part of my pregnant hair regimen. If not, #NaturalHairRocks.

Small baby bump with my heels and natural hair. 😋

Me with the small baby bump and the hurrrrr

3. I think I’ll crave malt. Malta Guiness to be precise. Lol. I can’t just imagine my love for malt. As a normal lady now, I’m craving it. Can’t imagine when I’m pregnant. Funny enough it might be irritating to me. I hope not sha.

4. Still thinking on what I might do again. Will edit as I come up with more. 🙈🙈


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