#GuestPost : Spoken Word

I’m on a roll here! Another post in the same month! 🙌🙌. I’m turning a new leaf.
I’ve been thinking of what to post and it came to me “why don’t you have a guest post?”. I said “Oh good”.
Now the problem was what to post. I remembered the spoken word artist I saw at Awaken Your Passion( empowerment program that held on Saturday at Oriental Hotel), but there’s no way I could reach her or transcribe her piece here.
Anyways, I’m featuring a very good friend of mine, close to the heart, one of the best spoken word artists I’ve seen physically and maybe even better than her sef :roll::roll:
I asked him if he could write a post for me and he immediately sent me this piece.
The title – GLORY

The importance of the existence of something.
The mechanism of the consistency of anything.
The pinnacle of the experience of everything.
The intensity of the furnace of all things.
Galaxies proclaim its insurmountable nature.
Waters showcase its infinitesimal extent.
Mountains erupt to display a pinch of its texture.
Birds sing of its fame all moment.
Creation march to war for its dominion.
Babes cry out loud for its expectation.
Lads run and strive for its illusion.
Aged groan for its admiration.
Sought after by the deepest of all.
Not even beheld by the highest of them.
Unequaled by the wisest in heart.
Revered by the foolish stance.
Heaven can not contain it measure.
Earth swept away by its dimension.
You and I twinkle a lil of its spice,
yet its left for us to despise.
Its touch heals your bones.
Its smell cleans your heart.
Its sight brightens your spirit.
Its taste edifies your soul.
its way refines your own.
Its test outlast your best.
Its humility sinks your pride.
Its sum redeem your debt.
GLORY! I wish not to explain.

Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. 😋😋☺
Expect more guest posts and well original posts too



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