My Dear Daddy

I’ve been wanting to submit this post on a blog i follow with all dillligence – OneplusTheOne,but it just hasnt been happening. so i’ll post it on here first.

‘Dear Daddy’ is all about writing a letter as you would do to your dad, telling him stuff, keeping him abreast of situations you are facing. it’s doing the same on a grander scale, to the Father of fathers. here goes mine.

Dear Daddy,

My one and only Shuga Daddy. This post is long, long overdue. i’ve been meaning to write to you but i’ve been postponing, i guess the time is now.

*sigh* What can i say to the One who has loved me and continually loves me unconditionally?

What do i do to show my appreciation and give thanks to the one who does the impossible?

My Agbanilatan,The One who doesn’t put me to shame, My Present Help in time of trouble, My Best Friend Forever(BFF), My First Boo, My One and Only, My All in All. You are the best dad i could ever think of having. The best thing that could ever happen to me. Daddy thank You for the privilege to be called yours.

Thank You for the little things i know come from you. The only Person who can’t dissappoint me. why? Because i know You are working things in my favour and for my good.

Thank You for that unexplainable peace You give me when everything around seems to be going downhill. Words are not enough to explain your worth, your majesty, your irreplacable relevance in my life.

Thank You for my family, for being the glue that keeps us together. Thank You for my christian walk with You.

Daddy, i love You!

Still your girl trying to sweeten people’s lives



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