The 2 Weeks Challenge #Day7

It’s been one week already. Yaaaayyy!!!! One week down, one week to go. The Lord is my strength.
There are so many different things I learnt from today’s OHD.
When someone annoys you or you think you’ve been unjustly wronged, give it to the All Righteous Judge, who doesn’t just judge actions but motives too.


Also do not allow God to go neutral on your case, if He does defeat is assured. Do not be proud because He will leave you to see how far your pride will take you. Always be on God’s side.
125DOF talks about how the change of attitude, putting off the old garment, doesn’t just come at once. It is a gradual process. Do not feel bad if you still fall atimes. Stand up and get back on track. You’ve been created for more. You have the fruits of the Spirit living in you.
You build the good attitude one day at a time even as you allow the spirit of Christ flow through you .
Now the quotes:
– Find your work, your worth and finally your woman.
– Don’t look for who to marry, look for who marries your vision.
– Having just chemistry alone in a relationship is not enough.
– If you cannot wow me with your brains, you cannot woo me with your beauty.

Time to go
Kisses. :**


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