The 2 Weeks Challenge #Day3

Had an early mental drill by 6am till 8am, so there was a shift in routine. But quiet time has gast to happen. Opportunity presented itself on that hot, sunny Saturday afternoon. :D.
Read my OHD, which in more ways than one instructed we should seek God’s kingdom first. Do not chase after the wrong kingdom. Seek Him first and every other thing( in His will) shall be added.
From the text, John 6:11-15, it tells us not to allow pride enter our walk with God. Do not dwell on earthly praise or reward.
In 125DOF, it tells us that we shouldn’t allow our circumstances determine your attitude.

I couldnt have put it better. :))

Your attidude is as a result of what you are thinking or feeling. Think on things that are good and pure so your attitude comes out right.

Yesterday I went for a program at the Main Auditorium of Unilag ( yeah I’m a Unilag student) – The 7-star graduate organized by It was wonderful. The speakers were Detoun Ogwo, Bankole Williams, Olakunle Soriyan, Obinna A(MD of StanbicIBTC). Lemme drop some tidbits.
1. Read to understand not just to pass the exam. (Most students are guilty of this)
2. Don’t spend all your time on your container(body). Work on your content (mind).
3. The strength of a material is in its universal appeal. (Work with the mindset of being globally accepted).
4. Work on your employability skills. These days a Bsc degree is not enough.
5. Are you thinking 5star or 7star?
6. What is the picture of your future?
7. Make a positive impact.


I really really enjoyed myself. And I laughed. Akpororo was there. Really funny guy.
Hope your day is going fine.

Kisses :**


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