#Shotin10Days Day 1 – Textures

Hey guys,

I’ve had 101 things to write about and update this space with but it all spells ‘vulnerability’ and I have been unsure on if I am ready to share.

So unto something with less vulnerability – a challenge I saw on OluwaLatte’s Twitter Page.

pp challenge


Haha, remember the Shoot Your Shot post I did?

Today is the first day of the challenge and it’s all about textures. Kindly find below some pictures I shot (writing a lot of emails causes this)








Till tomorrow, we continue to shoot our shot.


You can join in.

Issa New Year!

Hey guysss

Issa New Year.

Here are a few things I’ve decided to step up my game on this year. Should I call them resolutions? Nah.

1. My words
Like we hear it everytime… But really. For instance there’s this cinema opening up opposite the street of my house and the slang that has been coming to my head has been “ah, this is where my money will finish” and another part of me begins to think “Really, Sarah your money will finish in the cinema? All the money you plan on making in 2019 you’ll spend it all here?”
And anytime I see the building of the mall, I’ve been training my mind to say “my money will not finish here oo, I’ll enjoy watching movies and I’ll be judicious in the use of my money”
Lol.. It seems really small and inconsequential but I’m choosing to be intentional with my words this year.

2. Be extremely thankful. Today I heard that thanksgiving is PDA to the person that has shown you goodness. Be thankful to humans around you but most of all be thankful to God always! Why? He is always good! Always always good.
So in 2019, be a person of gratitude.

3. Discipline
Some times I pride myself as being disciplined but deep down Sarah knows that Sarah isn’t as disciplined as she makes people believe. This discipline will be in form of time spent on my phone doing irrelevant things and what I do when I wake up.
Lol. I think I should change the title of this sub topic to ‘Time Management’.
So this year I’m choosing to be disciplined on how I manage my time.

This is a summarized version of how I want my year to look like?
Please share yours.

P. S : I think January as a month gets lost in the whole “Happy New Year” brouhaha so here’s to January 🥂🥂

Welcome to the bestest month in the year! 😘

Are you a Sharp Guy?

Nigerians and the sharp guy mentality.
WhatsApp Image 2018-12-20 at 11.58.41

In most recent times, I’ve come to realize that this sharp guy mentality we speak about or boast of is actually being able to cheat another person and get away with it.

The driver that collects double the price because you are in a hurry and have no alternative.

The conductor that refuses to give you your change until you get to your bus stop and forget it.

The fuel station/pump attendant who mess with their pump machines so you get less fuel for what you’re paying for.

The restaurant that renames their potato pie to meat pie

The traders who look at your corper uniform and double the price because “this one na JJC(Johnny Just Come – newbie on the streets)”

But then every once in a while someone does something so good to you that you are amazed, and almost immediately it is followed by a ‘sharp guy’ moment again and so the cycle continues.

*break in transmission*

I was writing the above post and it struck me at how in the examples I gave there seemed to be a pattern to the people who were forming ‘sharp guy’. Yeah, humans are greedy but just maybe this ‘sharp guyness’ to an extent is due to an underlying factor?

Do you have a ‘sharp guy’ moment?

Please gist me of ‘rich people’ sharp guyness too…Because right now none comes to mind and I know there’s a lot.

P.S: It’s almost Christmas and a New Year soon, I’m all for being street smart but please drop all forms of ‘sharp guyness’, don’t cheat people. Be a decent human.

WhatsApp Image 2018-12-20 at 11.27.16.jpeg